Most CRMs, whether it’s Salesforce, Microsoft, or any other, come as an out-of-the-box configuration that may not be conducive to your ideal sales workflow. You can get all of the reminders and emails and pings and different noises that your CRM has to offer, however, these distractions are one of the biggest sales productivity killers impacting salespeople. They’re also one of the biggest reasons why you’re missing out on deals.

Here’s how to boost sales productivity using your CRM.

Pick Specific Tasks For Salespeople

A salesperson shouldn’t have any more than ten time-specific tasks in a day. A time specific task is one that has to be done right away. If you’re speaking to a prospect and they say, “Can you give me a call at 3:00 PM next Tuesday?” It’s absolutely critical that you make that call at 3:00 on that date. However, now you’ve got 96 uncompleted tasks on your list, you’ve got 30 to 40 due that day, and missing one important task that day can have a massive impact on your sales. It’s crucial that you focus on the right tasks, and not being bombarded by other tasks and reminders.

Create Workflows

Most salespeople plan to reach out a month in the future to stay connected with prospect. They’ll pick a date and time, and create a task to reach out. This is potentially clogging up a salesperson’s task specific activities, and that is not productive. Create workflows to solve that challenge. Structure your work and your CRM to incorporate workflows. As I mentioned in my post on cold emails, your response rate will be between five to ten typical responses, and one will likely warrant an urgent response. Therefore, not all responses require an immediate follow-up. With Salesforce, for example, you can create custom fields for the reply, or note a stage where you send responses. Then you can create a workflow, rather than a series of tasks.

Create A Standard Working Week

As you block out your workflows, you can start to develop a standard sales work week. It includes a scheduled hour by hour plan for the entire week, including workflows. Salespeople can then pick their workflow, know who to reach out to and when, have the right scripts in hand, and understand the processes and procedures for consistent, effective outreach.

That’s how to use your CRM for massive sales productivity gains.

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