shutterstock_335631869Entrepreneurship and sales have one common element and that is uncertainty. When the uncertainty hits, so do self-doubt and anxiety. The downward spiral is very tough to deal with unless it is understood and dealt with properly.

When anxiety or fear hit, recognize the cause to take swift action and move past.

Sales Mindset

Courage is a requirement to be successful in the sales profession. Some prospects are rude, and when a sale falls through, management may threaten your job. Similarly, many entrepreneurs may excel in business ideas but are not comfortable with their prospective clientele turning them down. One bad experience after another dissuades businesspeople from attempting just one more contact for one more possible sale.

An Improved Sales Experience

The only way to improve the situation is to commit to doing a fair amount more than the required minimum. Due diligence requires the act of continually adding to your pipeline of possibilities. This helps substantially as it is the additions combined with professional follow-up that almost ensures business growth.

Most salespeople begin selling from the moment they first encounter their prospect face to face. This is the worst possible approach of all. A far improved one is to first learn the answer as to why you are sitting in the chair. Obviously there is a problem that requires a solution.

Your job is to uncover all of the problems faced and the best anticipated outcome of all. At the same time, the discussion of budget and timeline are to be confirmed at the initial meeting to make certain you are able to help.

Before you answer a question or respond to an RFP, make sure you understand the core company services and all of the elements of the request. Anything that isn’t 100% clear must be clarified. While most people fear asking for further insight, it will distinguish you from the rest of the responders by demonstrating your honesty and integrity. This is the mark for getting your personal brand known and to your advantage.

Upon feeling comfortable with all of the insights received and research completed, it is your turn to speak or respond to requests. The one element is to keep your response SIMPLE. The word simple is capitalized to emphasize the importance.

Speak directly to the points requested. The only time added ideas or extra verbiage are to be included are at the bottom of your proposal. Mark these as “Extra Ideas”. The word “Ideas” eliminates pressure but indicates they should each be considered. This is another way to build the initial sale at hand.

Politeness and consideration of what the prospect has to say goes many miles in your favor. The reason is most people forget this aspect. They feel so much pressure to make the sale, all thoughtfulness is long gone.

Every step of the way indicate appreciation for the person’s time and shared insights. Be certain that you answered all of their questions. Ask if anything else needs to be done on your part prior to a decision being made.

All of the above grows your overall clients’ appreciation of you. More prospects convert into clients. Clients will feel comfortable trusting and confiding in you. In turn, sales grow within each account.