b2b marketing

For every telesales, or even an appointment setting agent, there would be only one chance to persuade their prospect clients to purchase the products or services that they are offering. This kind of conversation can be very tough for telemarketers. This is because a lot of people tend to distrust telemarketers to such a degree that whenever they talk to telemarketers a wall will be brought up between them and the telesales agent protecting their information. The telemarketing agent would then try to break that wall or leap over its boundaries just to get the customer to trust them.

For more successful sales conversion, these salespeople should attend to these things:

  1. Building Rapport

Telemarketing isn’t all about making that sale. The building of trust between the agent and the customer should be built with a strong foundation. Here are a few methods in which to effectively build rapport with a prospect client:

→ The salesperson needs to look for a common interest between them and the their prospect client. Once they have found their commonality they can easily build that trust foundation from there. Always remember that people would always like to talk about their interests.

→ The salesperson would also want to try commenting about certain aspects or information about their prospect customers. For example, the salesperson just found out that their customer is a real estate agent, you can start building rapport by asking which type of house would be perfect for you. They would then immediately talk about their interests and trust would have been built.

→ You can also compliment them on various aspects of their daily lives like their jobs or the companies that they work with.

Building rapport is fun and nice way to build trust but don’t forget the main purpose of the call. When you feel that you are straying too far from the topic at hand then you should take control of the call immediately and set things back on the right track.

  1. Interesting Questions Provide Interesting Results

When a salesperson starts wailing away on the questions even at the start of the call, the prospect customer would feel trapped and the only way they know to get away from that call is to hang up. So for us to not let this happen, the questions that would be asked upon them should be interesting enough to make sure that these questions would be answered accordingly. Try to ask questions that would position yourself as the expert in your current field on what you are trying to offer to your clients. This would also build up your credibility as a salesperson as well as the company that you are representing.

  1. Be The Consultant in Order to Sell

When salespeople do hardcore selling, there would only be a slim chance of convincing their customers to purchase their products and services. Whereas being the consultant to their needs provides a higher chance of converting that cold call into a possible sale.

When we say consultant, we are looking at a person who gives out advice to people who are in dire need of it. In order to do the consultative way of selling, a salesperson should highlight the benefits more than the features to provide advice and most especially answers to their clients needs.

The goal of every sales and even a b2b marketing conversation is to make their sales leads into customers for the company. In order to do this, salespeople should try to engage their prospects in a way that they would be interested enough to put on a second sales conversation with them.