Any type of client management is of critical importance to any company. Account managers act as a face of the company, a crucial entry point. Relationship skills are essential for this role- as it can very much be sink or swim. It’s time to learn the importance of client relationships.

Building Relationships

Client relationships attract a rollercoaster of highs and lows. It is essential to sustain a high level of attention for the client, even more so during the ‘lows’ –this way you will ensure a level of long-term commitment that goes both ways.

Being in constant contact is essential. This does not necessarily mean calling every hour, every day, but rather tailoring the right contact frequency to the client. An end-of-year call is also important to learn from the past year and plan for the future.

Client Nurturing

You have to know who you are dealing with on every level in order to successfully nurture any client relationship. My advice? Understand who your client is both as a company and as a person and build a personality profile accordingly. Understand behavior patterns and respond fittingly.

Know Your Product

The most important piece of advice I could offer to anyone on building client relationships is ‘know your product inside and out’. You need to be a primary source of trusted information on your product, remaining proactive, knowing every technical aspect so that you can really deliver.

When you know your product inside and out, you can present yourself as an influencer, expert and leader to your client. In the clients’ eyes, you will hold the position of an advisor, someone whose opinion is always understood and often accepted.

When you have a strong knowledge of your product, you can offer a better, professional and faster service by responding to any question or tech issue. You can also leverage your relationship for the benefit of both parties.

Top 5 Attributes Of A Successful Account Manager

It is no easy task to answer any question about what makes a good account manager, as being one is very much a personal journey. In my professional opinion, there are 5 key tips which can drive self-motivation and professional improvement.

  1. Don’t be scared to learn – take courses, learn from others. Strive to always become a better consumer facing entity.
  2. Understand your industry, your product and current trends.
  3. Know your clients’ competitors.
  4. Attend networking events.
  5. Listen to clients’ needs.

Above everything, the most important thing is to have a passion for your product and the willingness to share it with the world.