Before, marketing (in both B2B and B2C) made prospect engagement pretty simple. You get as many people as interested as possible and then you move in for the sale.

It’s no surprise that classical cold calling strategies and advertising was so commonplace that they became the face of the industry.

Yet today, that era was swiftly put to end as communication grew more advanced and computerized. But as technology continues to automate marketing, is its increasing need for live engagement the only chance telemarketers have to stay relevant?

In a sense, the answer’s yes. Ironically, this was the result of abuses in social media marketing. While internet technology did make it faster to connect and communicate, the quality of it all grew too impersonal and robotic. Spammy advertising began killing the original appeal of social networks.

It was then that marketers began to realize that the best way to promote products and services was by simply being human all along.

And unlike other tools from the era of classical marketing, telemarketing had always succeeded based on this concept. It’s the only way it still sees use but not in a sense that those who either employ it or outsource it are getting desperate.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t any new things you need to learn to make sure your calling campaigns are successful. Below are some new challenges that you will face over the phone as you engage customers in today’s IT age:

  • Mobile calls – The trends in smartphone usage lead to an increase in customers now calling directly from mobile devices. This means trouble when those same devices are still under the protection of longstanding telemarketing laws. Research on the latest news on those laws and formulate your plan based on our findings.
  • Channel switching – Sometimes engaging a prospect can take a while and you need to be flexible enough to switch between the phone and some other means of communicating with busy business owners (like email).
  • Controlled automation – Auto-dialers and online notifications are one thing. All they really do is speed things up. Things like auto posting on the other hand, takes away control of the marketer completely. You can’t let a machine do your talking forever!

The need for human engagement in marketing was never really fully addressed, even with the shift to the online frontier. It took another set of abuses to really draw attention to the importance of being real human when communicating. Telemarketing may be on that string but it’s neither dangling from it nor will that string ever break.