Believe it or not but the title is not about how software sales leads need to be updated. It is much closer to updates of your business software. More specifically, if you are a cloud-based provider, you might want to consider the impact of bad updates on your sales leads (particularly those you tried to generate by targeting previous customers).

Bad Updates Destroy Customer Relations. Customer Relations Are Important For Recycled Sales Leads

Sales Leads, Software Sales Leads, Software LeadsAs a cloud computing vendor, you might be using a subscription-based model for your clients. This is surprisingly similar to other IT services like ISPs, social networks, and even online games. And with that similarity comes similar benefits in terms of sales leads:

  • You have wider access to a global market of cloud computing leads
  • Internet allows increased number of subscribers
  • Can potentially expand your market across industries

There is a downside though and as always, it comes in the form of risks to your sales leads. These same risks are also not as new as you might think. During the age of telephone and electricity, there have already been businesses whose value is determined by their constant connection with their customers. Should something disrupt that connection, it disrupts the lives and experiences of all those who depend on it.

Do not downplay these disturbance. Losing your sales leads will just be the start if you do. For electric companies, every sudden blackout can shut down establishments or even short-circuit equipment. Sudden cuts to the internet have a dwindling effect on the productivity of online-based workers. Finally, cloud-based services could do just as bad by locking out or interrupting the daily IT and ERP operations of its subscribers. Think you can recycle sales leads with that on your reputation?

Now you might say many things in your defense and say that the value of sales leads is not the only priority you have as a business. But before you do, just think about it for a moment:

  • Shouldn’t you announce updates? – When you were generating your software sales leads, what did you use at your disposal? What keeps you from using these same tools to let everyone know that servers are down? It will not matter if you have other sales leads if you cannot show to the world that you at least have the common courtesy to warn your users.
  • Should you really hide behind the law? – Sure you can get a lawyer and cite numerous laws that remove you from any liability. Yet deep down, do you think all that legal protection gives you an excuse to just mess up your customer’s work when you know any sort of ‘update’ would? Do not forget that sales leads are generated trust. Whatever inconvenience you give is in danger of violating that.
  • Do your prospects listen? – If you are going to defend yourself, you should at least make sure that you did everything but people did not pay attention. Then again, it also indicates how good you were at qualifying your sales leads. No vendor would attempt a sale with a prospect who has yet to fully understand the concept of emergency protocols and creating backup policies.

If you have ever had a good part of your day ruined by anything along the lines of “SERVERS ARE DOWN” then you would know better than to enforce the same, sudden disconnection for your own clients. Recycling ERP software leads requires you to be on good terms with them. Aoid making any more bad updates if you hope to keep generating sales leads!