lead generation, telemarketing, business to business leadsAny marketer with a solid idea in mind and with the know-how on how to put that plan into action will be able to execute an effective lead generation campaign. On the opposite end, a marketer that has no idea on what he/she is doing and doesn’t even know where to begin will utterly fail at lead generation.

When it comes to doing marketing, we want to succeed at what we are doing. Failure would, of course, cost the company we are working for a lot more than we think it will. Many missed opportunities simply translate to a lot of missed sales. And well, missed sales means that you have missed to get yourself an increase in your revenue.

In running a lead generation campaign, we want to know all the right steps so that we don’t get anything done wrong. However, this post isn’t going to teach you about how to succeed at generating leads, rather it’s going to teach you about how you can fail at it so you can avoid making mistakes when running your campaign.

Are you ready to learn how to fail? Let’s get it on then!

Make sure to call every company you can.

When it comes to lead generation, B2B telemarketing is one of the most widely used approaches. So if you want to fail at performing lead generation, it is recommended that you call every single company you can. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re from, just keep calling whoever you can reach!

Your company has a target industry that you should be marketing your products and services to. Focusing your attempts on your target industry will maximize your chances of generating good leads. But that doesn’t really matter when you want to fail at generating leads now, does it?

DNC list…? What DNC list?

As stated in the previous point, telemarketing is often used when it comes to lead generation. So if you’re making use of the phone to get leads, you of course know of the existence of the DNC (Do Not Call) list. This list contains records of companies that do not want to receive calls from telemarketers. Making sure to follow this list is how you can make sure to stay out of trouble.

Well that’s not a problem if you want to run your company into legal issues. Simply say to yourself “what DNC list?”, acting as if you have never even heard about the existence of companies who do not want you to call them.

Ignore interested prospects.

When you have a prospect that you have contacted and seems interested in your company, you would normally follow-up with them at a later time to see if they can become a lead or not. As such, generating business to business leads is all about making sure to follow-up with your interested prospects.

But since we want to fail here, we should instead do the opposite of giving those interested in what we do our attention; we shall ignore them! An interested prospect will most likely become a lead for your company, but you should not care about their level of interest or pay attention to them if you want your campaign to hit rock bottom.

So, what do you think about our tips on how to utterly fail your lead generation campaign? Do you think you can be a better failure? If you can, share your thoughts with us on what you think kills a lead generation campaign!