Your email autoresponder is the engine behind your business. This is what ensures your thoughtful messages get delivered every time and to the correct recipients. Without it, you have no email list, no contacts and no business.

So setting up an email sequence the moment that a new subscriber has opted-in to your list is a crucial part of communicating with these new subscribers.

Where to Start

A new subscriber to your list is like a new student in a new school. You take your time with them and communicate with them regularly.

These subscribers joined your list for a reason and, more than likely, it’s not just because they like to read email. They expect you to help them solve their problems and help them in their quest for information on that particular subject.

The first few messages sent out to these subscribers should combine incredible content with your best offers for your products and services or other’s products and services.

Start out with a 7 day sequence…

Immediate message – Welcome/thank you for subscribing. Also in this message, put a link to their free gift if you offered one.

Immediate message 2 (optional, but highly recommended) – This is the message that contains your social network connections. It is optional because you can put these in your first message. But I advise to send it separately that way you have a reason to connect with them one more time that same day.

Day 2 – Kick off a series of tips for something related to your niche. In other words, this is your reason for sending them email messages on a regular basis. Are you a social media manager? Offer a series on increasing your social media presence.

One of the most effective ways to structure these tips is to send some directly within the body of your message, but some with a link to your blog.

This way you get your subscribers accustomed to clicking on the links in your messages early on.

So for this first tip, write the tip on your blog and send them over there.

Day 3 – On this day, include the tip directly in your message, but also combine it with a product or service to purchase. Go through your own arsenal of tools and services and recommend something that is useful to you.

Again, include this link a couple times within your message.

Day 4 – Send readers over to your blog again. The email message itself should have a catchy subject line and then a paragraph leading up to your tip. Then to continue reading, provide the link to your blog.

Day 5 – Survey time. Include your social media tip as usual, but this time there will also be a survey at the end of your message. The reason for this survey is to see where your subscribers are at in their quest for social media presence.

They have had 5 days of great tips and now it’s time to check in and see how else you can help them.

Day 6 – In this day’s tip you are going to tug at their emotions a bit more. Remember that product or service you presented on day 3? Well, this time tell a story along with your tip, about how this product has increased your productivity or saved you from a disaster.

Relate it to your subscribers, let them know that you were once a social media newbie and you understand how they feel.

Day 7 – Time to wrap up this series. Give out your tip and then send them over to your blog where you will have a nicely written blog post about these tips and how they all come together to be an impactful social media statement (or whatever topic your tips were covering). Links to a product or service to purchase should be prominent in your post.

Remind your subscribers that this is the last tip of this series, but you have more helpful tips and techniques coming their way.

And, always ask for questions and/or feedback.

This is just a sampling of an email series – for extensive tips and examples, check out