There are several different strategies companies use to find sales reps for their products. Many tend to hold the view that the best sales reps can be identified simply through the quality of their general sales skills.

However, even the best salespeople will have to fake it through their pitches if they don’t believe in your product. Below, you’ll read about why it’s important to find sales reps that believe in your product and how you can do it.

The Importance of Belief

A phrase that you may hear often is that a good salesperson doesn’t have to believe in the product they’re selling, just themselves. It’s a cute statement, but one that isn’t entirely true. In reality, the best salespeople are the ones who are able to help their prospects understand how the product they’re selling will address their biggest pains.

If your salespeople don’t believe in your product or service, they may still try to do this. However, even the best sellers can’t fake belief. Their doubt will hang over every pitch they deliver, whether the customers can name it explicitly or not. That’s why it’s so much more valuable to hire sales reps who really believe in your company’s product or service. If you’re unsure of how to do that, keep reading.

Look for Sales Reps in Your Industry

The best way to find sales reps who will believe in your product is to look for professionals who already have a strong understanding of your industry. For instance, if you sell software that will make keeping track of inventory easier, look for sales reps who understand the frustration associated with not being able to manage inventory effectively.

They will be able to connect to their prospects through a shared understanding of the value of your product. This connection can make a big difference between whether a sale is ultimately successful or a failure.

Where to Find Sales Reps Who Believe in Your Product

There are several different places you can begin your search for sales reps who will believe in your product. First, you may want to get involved with local and regional trade shows focusing on your industry. You may be able to track down a list of salespeople who have attended these events from an organizer. Doing so will help you find qualified salespeople who understand your industry as well as you do.

Similarly, comb through the membership lists of relevant trade associations to find sales reps who believe in your product. You can speak with the head of some of these organizers as well. They may be able to offer specific recommendations that make your search even easier.

Using these methods will give you a list of potential candidates to consider. After that, your job comes down to conducting thorough interviews to assess whether each candidate truly sees the value in your product. Be sure to ask pointed questions about your interviewees’ experience and knowledge of your industry. With a little time and hard work, you’ll be sure to find sales reps who believe in your product.