Getting the right people to sell your products is essential to your company’s long-term success. If you consistently hire salespeople who lack motivation, you may find that they start to drag your business down with them. That’s why it’s so important to be careful about who you hire to sell your products.

Countless companies have discovered that one of the best ways to make salespeople motivated is to reward them for each sale they manage. This is typically done through the rewarding of commission.

Since independent sales agents generally work entirely on commission, they are uniquely motivated to convert their pitches into sales. Keep reading to learn how to find the best independent sales agents for your company.

Use LinkedIn

The rise of social media has brought about many new ways for businesses to find employees. There is no better example of this than LinkedIn. Using it will give you the opportunity to track down motivated independent sales agents who already have experience in your industry.

Even better, you can use LinkedIn’s recommending feature to your advantage. If you don’t know, LinkedIn gives people who have worked together the opportunity to recommend one another to others. This acts as a sort of review system, which you can comb to identify which salespeople are worth your time and which aren’t.

These features make LinkedIn the perfect place to begin looking for motivated independent sales agents. If your business isn’t already taking advantage of this resource, it should start doing so right away.

Advertise The Position

It’s impossible to get independent sales agents interested in your job if they don’t know it exists. That’s why advertising should play a key role in your talent recruitment strategy. There are several different places you can do this. First, you can post the job on popular online job boards, such as Monster, Indeed, and Craigslist. However, you may attract other candidates who aren’t as qualified as you would like.

A better strategy is to target trade publications and sales associations that operate in your industry. You may be able to post a request for help on their websites or an ad in their publications. Either way, you’ll instantly gain the attention of independent sales reps who already have a strong understanding of your industry.

These professionals will be better positioned to explain how your product stands out from its competitors. They’ll also start with a much better understanding of the pain points that buyers in your industry feel. This sets them up to find more success in selling your products.

Use a Rep-Matching Service

Rep-matching services are another excellent resource you should be using to discover motivated independent sales agents. Companies like and specialize in matching companies with experienced independent sales reps. They provide a deep pool of talent, which your company can draw from for a small fee.

When combined with the other outreach methods listed above, this provides your company with an ample list of resources to turn to as it searches for the best independent sales reps. I wish you all the best in your search.