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When engaging in lead generation telemarketing, it is always good to have a way to follow-up with the leads that you’ve generated from cold calling. Doing so allows you to secure the interest of your B2B leads, and allows you to gauge where you are along the sales cycle. If they respond positively to your emails, then you’ll know that they express a genuine form of interest in what products and services you offer, as well as find out whether that interest will lead them into the buying process. If they do not respond positively, or stay neutral to your emails, then you’ll know that it’s time for you to either not pursue your prospect, or to step it up and make another type of offer.

In the above paragraph, we mentioned email. True enough, email seems to be one of the best ways to follow-up with your B2B prospects. This is because email is quick, also because that it is more convenient than having to pick up the phone for another talk with one of your sales reps. However, we also have other forms of doing follow-ups with your leads, such as just making another call. So if you’re doing lead generation through telemarketing, then here are a few tips for you in doing lead follow-up:

Your emails should have catchy subject lines, as well as speak clearly.

If you’ve employed an outbound call center to handle your lead generation telemarketing campaign, then you may have to take it upon yourself to send your own follow-ups through email. Of course, your chosen telemarketing company may not offer email marketing as part of their services, so you should be prepared with your own follow-up emails just in case such a scenario happens. As such, your emails should have subject lines that catch the attention of your prospects. Your emails should also voice clearly what you want to say. If you’ve gotten in touch with your target contact persons via the phone, then they should already know about your company. What you do with your follow-up emails is that you remind them about the phone call they had from you, and that you would like to follow-up, perhaps for another call, or this time a face-to-face appointment with them. If that is what you’re aiming for, then make sure to communicate your thoughts clearly, and also to have a subject line that catches their attention so your prospects don’t mistake your email for just another message in their inboxes.

Establish grounds for a follow-up call during the duration of your first call.

One of the best ways to make sure that your prospects are open to receiving a follow-up call is by making it known to them that you are going to be following-up with them in the near future and will call them soon to discuss further in regards to business matters, etc. If your aim is to get a face-to-face appointment with your prospect, then a follow-up call to remind them if your set appointment date can be done as well. If you see the presented idea here, all of this can happen during your first call to them. The moment you call to try and schedule an appointment, you can already establish grounds for you to be able to give them a second, follow-up call.

Following-up with your B2B prospects is part of how you can do effective teleprospecting. By doing so, you are able to gauge the interest of your B2B leads, and also to see whether they can become your future clients from the interest they express in your brand.

Is following-up on your leads part of your strategy? If so, how does your lead follow-up procedure go?

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