The internet has fundamentally changed customer service. Not only are potential customers going online to find out information about products and brands, but current and past customers are going online to document their experiences with your company. Failing to provide amazing customer service – every time – can have a huge impact on your company’s reputation. In addition, online communities and cloud technology have made changes in how customer service operates. These changes can actually help your company more effectively delight every customer every time.

Customer Service has Gone Digital

Typically, customer service has been handled by toll-free service numbers that customers would call. A service representative employed by your company would handle the request in the call center, and that was the end of the situation. Today, more and more customers are using alternate service channels. They contact you through your web page, or they may leave a comment on the Facebook social network or your blog. They may search Google to find others who have experienced a problem and found a solution. Monitoring these channels using cloud technology is essential if you are going to control the customer experience and provide great service.

Cloud-Based Service Options

‘Cloud computing’ has become the new buzzword in business. Essentially, it means that your computer data needs are stored off-site and accessed by your employees through gateway software that you have installed in your office. This type of computing power puts amazing customer service possibilities within grasp. Rather than having to install expensive servers and maintain your own technical support, you can have specialists do that for you, and pay only for the storage and access you need.

Cloud-based customer service solutions have amazing capabilities. A service agent can open a dashboard that allows them to handle requests that came in by phone, email, or social media – all in one place. In addition, they can log in to serve as the live agent that customers can chat with on your company website. Through the same cloud computing technology, managers have the ability to track how many cases each agent handles, as well as what channels the cases are coming in on.

Delight Every Customer Every Time

If you are going to provide high-quality customer service, a cloud-based customer service system is essential. There’s no need for separate departments for internet service and telephone service. With cloud technology each agent can be empowered to handle multiple channels. With great agents and excellent training, you can be known as the company that answers every concern with courtesy, speed, and knowledge. You’ll never miss a question or complaint. Your customers will know that their concerns will be resolved quickly and professionally, no matter what channel they use.

The internet archives everything. Unfortunately, that means that a customer complaint that went wrong six months ago could still be affecting your reputation online and in social media. Make sure you’re monitoring every channel using cloud-based customer service software, such as one from Salesforce. When you use cloud computing, instead of complaints you’ll see online compliments about your service and your reputation will soar.