Watch how one plumbing contractor got 50% more leads (and actual phone calls) from his website traffic.  You can use this trick, too.

mobile phone website leadsAre you frustrated with the amount of good, quality remodeling and home improvement leads calling or contacting you about your services?

Yep… there is a lot of that going on out there.

Listen to one remodeler’s situation—

“I am a remodeler in Kansas City.  I wanted more business so I decided to spent $750/mo using Google Adwords to get more website visitors.  I just looked and last week I have had 43 website visitors searching specifically for the things I offer.  I saw the keywords they used.  Yet only one phone call.  I don’t understand!  I have won awards for my work, been highly rated by the BBB.  I have a good reputation and do good work… but only one person called.  I am pretty frustrated.  What am I doing wrong?”

What can this remodeling home improvement contractor do to fix this problem?

One Commonly Overlooked Problem For Construction Remodeling Websites

Contractors are spending LOTS of money to get more traffic to their website.

  • They are buying leads from Home Advisor (formerly called Service Magic), 1800Contractor, and dozens of other companies.
  • They are signing 12 month contracts with the online yellow pages (, Yellowbook), Reach Local, Yodle and other national lead generation companies.
  • They are paying companies and individuals to do SEO for them.
  • They are paying Google to advertise to searchers directly.

Unfortunately, these efforts don’t necessarily translate into a lot of phone calls and new business.


Because getting prospective customers to come to your website is only the first part of having success in your lead generation strategy.

Once you get them to your website, what are you doing to maximize the conversion of website visitors into actual phone calls and prospects?

After personally reviewing hundreds of contractor websites and working with dozens of companies, this in my opinion is the area of greatest oversight… and opportunity.

Some Companies Are Like A Lousy Baseball Team

baseball game website leadsCompanies spend time and money to get them to the website (“we need more traffic!”).. and then they neglect getting those visitors to the next stage—calling.

It kind of like a terrible baseball team.  They work to get runners on base… but don’t do much to get more of them home.

“But I spent a lot of money on my website!  This new site looks very professional.”  What more can be done?

Thanks for asking.

You must employ the psychology of persuasion.

Convincing More Website Visitors To Call You

There are dozens of things that help or hinder the percentage of people on your website that get persuaded to call you.

qualifications website leadsDozens.

One example is how you present your qualifications.

Here is a sad but true reality:

You can’t just tell people your qualifications,
you must persuade them of this truth.

Selling online, offline, or in person is not just telling people about yourself, or your product or service.  Anyone can do that.

Think about it.  Have you ever been around a sales person who didn’t take the time to understand your needs, but instead spoke a mile a minute and “vomited” information on you about his wonderful product?  It didn’t necessarily convince you to buy the product, did it?

“Blah, blah, blah”  You couldn’t help but tune out.

Now, compare that experience to one where someone listens to you, understands YOUR needs and then offers a solution to meet that need.  Unlike the person coming at you in the first example (which you easily tune out), this second sales person comes alongside you and understands what’s important to you.

Let me say it again:  One of the secrets to persuasion… in person, or online through your website, is—

1. Thoroughly understanding your prospect AND

2. Helping them see that you understand them

It creates a connection that attracts prospects to you… and what you offer.

Your website needs to help the website visitor feel like you understand what they value, what they want and need.   How you present that understanding makes all the difference.

Using The Psychology Of Persuasion To Help People Feel Understood

I am going to show you an example of using psychology in a way that dramatically increased the number of website visitors who called plumbing contractor client of ours here at 2nd Mile Marketing.

You can use this principle on your website, too.

It is a different way of presenting what you do that helps people know that you understand their desires, fears, and values.

Using this approach strongly increased (over 50%) the amount of phone calls and jobs they got… with the same amount of website traffic.

Click below to watch what we did.

Remember:  in the marketplace… your competition all sounds the same.  They are talking AT their prospects.  They are NOT using the proven principles of persuasion.  If you do, you will leave them in the dust.  Guaranteed!

One plumbing contractor got 50% more phone calls by using a simple persuasion technique on his website. 

Here is another example of a persuasion technique you can use on your website to increase the amount of leads and phone calls you get.

How You Can Use This Information Right Now

1.  Get started– Try using third party testimonials or statements to explain what makes your business special or different.  If you say it, it won’t be heard or believed.  If someone else say it, their words people will hear and believe it.

2.  Get help– Not sure you have the time or expertise to apply numerous persuasion triggers into your website?  Contact a conversion rate optimization company like 2nd Mile Marketing, Markitekt, 2X Conversions, etc.  They can do the work for you to help you dial into the minds and behaviors of your website searchers… and get more calls, appointments and revenue.

3.  Get more ideas– Download the free Website Persuasion Checklist to get some fresh ideas on your website.

P.S.   If you found this article helpful, share it with another business owner so they can get the benefits from understanding this principle, too.  Thanks!

Video notes

People are researching options—your website and your competitor

You must not look and sound like everyone else

You must find a way to come in under their radar so they can hear and receive what is unique about you.

Reframing your message to identify with the quest of the visitor to your website is one way to communicate understanding of their desires, fears and values.

When we reframed the message of one plumber, the response rate (leads, and phone calls) increase over 50%.