Sales GoalsLet’s get excited. Why is hitting sales goals important now and in the future?

  • You can make the most amount of money possible at this time.

  • You set yourself up for future career success by building a strong resume with which to sell yourself.

  • Hitting your goal increases motivation for future successes.

Despite popular belief amongst some sales professionals, you can almost always meet or exceed your sales quotas. Yes, there are some extenuating circumstances that will prevent you from reaching your goals. Some of these include poor client/sales organization communication resulting in bad lists or too few contacts to call on. Perhaps you are targeting the wrong market? Maybe you got sick or had a life issue that affected your attitude? Or, and I hope this is never the case- the product you represent is just no good! However, before we become negative and start blaming our problems on something outside of ourselves, take a look at these tactics to ensure you hit that goal, every time!

Come in Early and Stay Late:

I’m serious. Although, this is not an ideal situation, sometimes you have to go that extra hour to hit a tough goal. Coming in early allows you to get organized, read emails and plan out your day better. Staying late helps by getting a few extra calls in per day. Sales is very much a numbers game; the more people you call, the more people you will talk to and the more interested people you will find. Let’s say for example you have to make four sales to meet your goal and there is one week left. You make 500 calls per week and you average 3-4 sales per week. This can’t be the week you only get 3 sales and you miss your quota! By staying late, you’re able to make an extra 20 calls per day and boom, you find that last sale by making an extra 100 calls on the week.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep and Take Care of Yourself:

To be a top performer in anything you have to be a finely tuned machine. Get a good night’s sleep and if you’re into having a casual drink with friends at night, save it for the weekend. No prospect wants to buy from someone who sounds like they might fall asleep at any moment. If you don’t have the energy to be excited about your product, the prospect certainly won’t either. Also, regular exercise and a healthy diet will do wonders for your energy levels and mood. Combine a good night’s sleep and regular exercise and you’ll notice the difference. Ultimately, you will feel better and more energized and that will certainly transmit through your sales calls!

Evaluate Progress Constantly:

It’s three days into the month, how are you doing? What about at two weeks, any improvement? It is important to continuously ask the question of “how am I doing and am I on track to meet or exceed my goal?” If the answer is no, then don’t wait around for your luck to change because you have to make your own luck. Find out what is holding you back and fix the issue before it becomes a problem that will prevent you from hitting your goal. You should have a good line of communication with your manager so don’t hesitate to speak up in order to hit your goal, and make both of you happier.

Block out Distractions:

Friends and friendly co-worker relationships are great, but missing your goal because you were spending too much time socializing is not. Learn to balance social time and work time. If you are behind on your goal, you should probably glue yourself to the phone and only take the amount of time it takes to actually eat your lunch for a lunch break. Cutting down on distractions will allow you more time to hit that goal.

So when the clock runs down and you need to hit your goal, employ these tactics and be like Tom “the bomb” Brady with a 1:08 and 70 yards to cover or Big Papi in the bottom of the 8th inning. Thrive under pressure, tap into your raw competitive drive, and hit your goal like it’s the only thing that matters in the world at that moment.

How are you hitting your sales goal no matter what?

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