Your sales team may be good at many things, such as selling to enterprise businesses. But what about all the other sales channels you’re fighting for?

You’re always going to have your core competencies as a sales team, but you’re also always going to have outliers in need of additional outreach. The outliers may be where your competitors are gaining ground, and that gap in your outreach must be rectified.

If you’re stretching resources to attack new sales channels or finding it’s too difficult to add another business unit to cover these new channels, that’s a sign you need a better inside sales solution.

The buyer’s journey – from the first call to decision phase – is a specialty in selling to a specific audience with specific pains. An SMB is not necessarily going to have the same business issues as an enterprise does.

You don’t just need dialers; you need an inside sales team that can showcase the value of your product from the first call.

Outsourcing sales in often about segmenting out to focus on one particular channel, such as SMBs. Your outsourced team should be adept at understanding the target audience, what their pains are and how to talk to these prospects about the solutions your business provides.

You must be able to sell effectively to all the different scenarios on the SMB level. If you don’t have that vertical knowledge and are treating everyone the same, you’re not addressing the specific needs of each individual SMB.

You want to look for an outsourced sales partner that has experience working in the channel you want to market and sell to. Your sales partner should also know your competitors, or have strategies for understanding if they have better contacts, better product or service rates, and any areas of strengths or weaknesses.

For example, if your outsourced sales partner learns that one of your competitors is weak with customer service, it can use this in its pitch to potential customers.

In this way, an outsourced sales partner also works as an extension of your brand, easily able to talk intelligently with prospects about your products or services and what value they hold. And, since you currently have a lack of insight into certain channels, your outsourcer is going to bring back a wealth of information on the concerns these prospects have.

This feedback loop is valuable in terms of how your marketing team markets to prospects and also the features of your products or services.

The best part about partnering with the right outsourced sales team is that you see results faster than you would trying to ramp up a new in-house team (certainly faster than stretching your current team thin and away from the type of selling it does really well). You’re going to get access to inside sales experts for accelerated growth in the areas you need it most.