Are you missing out out on millions of dollars in potential revenue without even knowing it?

If you’re a retailer that’s not using an email validation service to check every email you collect at the point of sale, you are!

How It Happens: Data Collection Error at Point-of-Sale

Retail stores are crowded and noisy. Shoppers are often busy and distracted. Your cashiers need to process transactions quickly to keep checkout lanes moving. This is makes it difficult to collect an accurate email addresses for your customers.

As a result, point-of-sale email collection error rates range from 10% to 30%. Let’s say yours is 15%. If you collect 500,000 email addresses annually, that’s 75,000 customers you can’t reach via email.

At a super conservative value of $2 per customer email address, that’s $150,000 in lost revenue in one year. Depending on what you’re selling, the number is likely at least 5X to 10X higher.

We can fix this problem for you by “spell-checking” every email address you collect:

  • In stores at point of sale
  • Through the forms on your website
  • Via telephone through your customer service department

The Solution: Integrate Email Validation with your Point of Sale (POS) System

Our SafeToSend email validation service is the perfect low-cost solution to this problem. It allows you to clean and correct email addresses in real time and reduce your point of sale error rate to below 1%. In the illustration above, a retailer could have prevented that $150,000 loss with a $3,000 investment. Here’s how the process works:


We make sure that each email address you collect is valid and deliverable.


If a customer enters a typo, we detect it and give them a chance to correct it on the spot. We’re in a unique position to do this for 2 reasons:

  • We’ve been analyzing email registrations over the past 2 decades. As a result, we know more about email addresses than any company in the world!
  • We’ve developed patented spell-check technology that allows us to correct the vast majority of inadvertent errors (up to 7 errors in a single address).


If the email address passes the first two steps, we make sure it doesn’t pose a deliverability threat. That means it’s not a spamtrap or anything else that’s toxic to your database.

We’re like CSI for email addresses! We’ve got a team of data scientists whose only job is to find spamtraps. This is something that no other provider can’t do.

Wrapping Up:

The customers in your store are an untapped source of new email addresses and revenue. Set your point of sale system up to capture a good email address for them. Then, you’ll be able delight them by delivering what they want and expect from you, including:

  • Special offers
  • Discounts
  • Rewards points
  • News and information

The alternative here is to ignore the problem and lose these customers to a competitor. It’s really that simple.