You might not be able to cast a spell on your latest deal, but these salesmen are magical. One, a newcomer with energy but a trail of doubt, the other a seasoned professional sage, stuck in his ways. Which one do you have?

The “Harry Potter” Salesman Type

“Harry” is new to the field, but shows lots of promise. He has a history of sales or confidence in his upbringing or lineage that has put this role in his DNA. “Harry” has always liked being with people, and stumbles through transitioning to the real world of business in a few ways.

Here are some other ways to identify “Harry”.

  • He has a lightning-shaped scar on his forehead.
  • Has great interpersonal skills and seems natural in a business context.
  • May almost come off as smug, being comfortable fast in this new role.
  • Lack of experience is obvious, but humility is his secret weapon, and it works.
  • Has a few “tricks” up his sleeve, and uses them all the time.
  • May take on a few opportunities that are over his head, just to prove himself.

The great thing about “Harry” is that he’s the guy we want to root for. We want him to succeed because he’s the classic underdog with something to prove. He’s meek, but he’s got a few hot buttons that get him moving and show his fight.

The challenge with “Harry” is that his inexperience comes at a cost to you. He’ll take things on that are over his head, and then you have come in to clean up the mess. You’re a little excited to see him take on the “big magicians,” but too often, he comes back without a deal and transformed into a dog with his tail between his legs.

The Gandalf – Salesman Type

Oh, how we revere the “Gandalf.” He’s the sage salesman who’s been in this industry for longer than “Harry” has been alive. He can whiteboard out the entire evolution of your industry and knows more than half of the big players. He is wise, firm, and unrelenting.

Here are some other ways to identify “Gandalf”:

  • If you offer him The Ring, he will not take it.
  • His confidence is not cocky, but reverent.
  • You can bring him a problem and his answer seems like magic. And he always has one.
  • His connections make him a social gold mine. Any company that possesses him possesses great power.
  • He’s really clear on his role. He’s not a sales manager, he’s sales, and he’s amazing at it.

The great thing about “Gandalf” is that he is a trump card. There is not a deal on the planet that this guy could not land. As a company, you feel invincible with him on your side. He knows how to get results because he’s been doing it for decades.

The challenge with “Gandalf” is that he’s stuck a bit in his ways. His “magic” is the same magic he’s been using for ages, and as the battlefield changes, his magic is not as effective. He does a good job at deflecting comments about his age, but it’s a backroom conversation among your clients. He also scoffs at the “new magic” of the “Harrys” in your world, but we all know it’s only a matter of time before they grow as strong.

How a Harry Potter Can Win With Marketing Help

So, how does marketing automation, or sales enablement marketing, help “Harry” to do better?

There are two ways that marketing can help “Harry” win more deals.

Marketing can be the “spellbook” that an inexperienced salesman needs to fill in his gaps. With sales sheets and drip emails that allow a consistent message to be shared to all prospects, good marketing can help inform Harry and help him win more deals without having it all stored in his brain.

Marketing also keeps him focused. “Harry” can be distracted under stress, but with a clear sales process and marketing automation to guide him and the prospect through the process, consistency and focus are ensured for both salesman and prospect.

How a Gandalf Can Win with Marketing Help

So, how does marketing automation, or sales enablement marketing, help “Gandalf” do better?

There are two ways that marketing can help “Gandalf” win more deals.

Marketing can leverage technology or “spells” to help him stay relevant. Marketing can put “Gandalf” on social media quickly and help to create a strong presence without a big learning curve. Using marketing automation can increase the use of email nurture campaigns. It also helps covers the dirty secret about Gandalf – that he types at 18wpm.

Marketing can engage demographics that don’t respond to his tactics. The demographic issue is growing, as the phone call and pop-by are not as welcome anymore in the field. He’s calling on younger and younger customers who don’t want “dad” bugging them at the office. The marketing automation can help him keep distance and still create rapport, while keeping that age friction from their immediate eyesight.

After all, “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

It is our choices of how we use marketing to help both of our salesmen types reach success in the field of battle. Whether they’re fighting dragons, magic, or armies, they need the right tools to get the job done – and marketing automation and sales enablement marketing can help them.