lock_and_key2.jpgBest-in-class sales organizations have a defined sales process that’s aligned with how its customers buy. As a result, their salespeople are able to judge where they are within the sales cycle by what the customer is saying or doing, not by “gut feel” or anecdotal evidence.

If you want to grow your sales organization, you need a sales process that provides the tools to manage, reinforce, and inspect.

Whether you want to increase your average sales price, improve the reliability of your forecast or increase your cross-sell opportunities – your sales process needs to align with your buyer, be consumable for your sales team and drive results. Having a defined sales process drives efficiency throughout the company and provides value for the customer. Here’s why:

What benefits does the CUSTOMER receive by the company having a defined sales process?

  • It creates a level playing field for other vendors.
  • They can make an objective and informed decision on their best-fit solution.
  • They ensure your organization is solving the right problems.

What benefits do SALESPEOPLE receive by having a defined sales process?

  • More qualified opportunities
  • Higher win rates
  • Shorter sales cycles
  • Improved use of resources
  • Better implementation and transition to delivery teams

What benefits does SALES MANAGEMENT receive by having a defined sales process?

  • Pipeline visibility
  • Qualification standards
  • Common language/definitions
  • Quicker time-to-productivity
  • Predictable operating rhythm

What benefits does EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT receive by having a defined sales process? 

    • Insight to revenue
    • Margin preservation
    • Long-term analytics
    • More efficient use of resources
    • Predictable operating rhythm

The first step towards improving your sales process is to assess where you are now. Here‘s a list of questions to ask about your organization. Work back from what’s most important to your customer and you’ll improve deal velocity, qualify your deals with more predictability and most importantly, develop a system your sellers will use effectively.

If you really want to drive change with an improved sales process, you need to focus on the execution of it with your sales team. Qualifying and advancing leads requires your processes to be well-defined and consistently reinforced.