For most people customer relationship management conjures up the idea of a massive database of sales and marketing information. But for smaller businesses who may spend only a small amount of their time in front of a computer, traditional CRM isn’t a practical proposition and doesn’t lend itself to mobile use.

More and more small to medium sized businesses are discovering the benefits that an effective customer relationship management (CRM) strategy can bring.  However, many businesses are not aware of the benefits that new technologies have brought for their mobile workforce.  With the generation of smart phones,  businesses can stay one step ahead of the competition and offer an even greater customer experience through their mobile workforce.

Research shows, in 2012, 13% of all internet traffic was executed from mobile devices, up from 4% just 2 years before.

Internet traffic

By being able to access their CRM software on the go, mobile workers can take the customer experience to the next level.  For example, customer service issues can be logged instantly, allowing for a quicker response from the service team.  On top of this, mobile workers no longer need to wait until they are back in the office to update the CRM system.  This ensures that productivity and efficiency are improved and means that vital information is less likely to slip through the cracks.

5 benefits of mobile CRM:

  • Access to crucial information – A mobile CRM provides sales people with immediate access to important information such as account history, products recently purchased and the most up to date pricing information.
  • Increase in sales – By having all the required information at their fingertips, sales people are no longer wasting time looking for contact information or trying to recall what was the last conversation they had with their prospect.  This enables the sales rep to spend more time having meaningful conversations and ultimately selling.
  • Shortening of the sales cycle – when it comes to its sales cycle, a mobile CRM can be customised to offer critical information on the spot such as inventory availability, current pricing models and any other information your team may need.
  • Production and planning are faster – When sales people are on the road and attending multiple meetings, a mobile CRM can not only be used to keep data organised it also serves as a platform to submit orders as soon as they are agreed to, instead of delaying them until they return to their office.
  • Improve information insight – A typical prospect is not just a company name and telephone number. With the plethora of information each sales person collects, information overload can overwhelm a sales team and affect its performance. To get the full value from data, people need to have access to the meaningful information that directly applies to their role in the company.

Having a mobile CRM is no longer optional. Access to CRM on the go is not just a valuable tool for sales people but for all those involved in the customer relationship. With the CRM solutions we provide, sales teams are no longer tied to their office chairs.

If you want to learn more about mobile CRM and find out if it is right for your business. Download the Essential Guide to CRM.