Tax season may not inspire the same happy feelings of Christmas or Valentine’s but it is still not without its own exclusive share of sales leads and business opportunities. Then again, perhaps that is the reason why these sales leads would be particularly difficult to acquire. A season themed around taxes can put prospects both in the best and worst state of mind for things like tax consulting!

Be It Sales Leads Or Taxes, Your Prospects Do No Like Being Collected From

Sales Leads, Generate Sales Leads, Lead GenerationSometimes you have to feel sorry for the tax collector. From Biblical times and the Middle Ages to the 1930s and today’s IRS, they always get the role of the bad guy. Then again, when you are the person who comes around taking people’s money for the king or the government, do not expect to be popular. Unfortunately, collecting sales leads around the same time can actually feel like the same thing!

Why is this? Sales leads are not the same as actual money right? In fact, the very reason you exist is so that you can help people actually deal better (or even find ways to make taxes less painful to pay). Why then do feel fearful at the prospect of getting sales leads around the same time? These tax consulting leads are hard enough to generate even when people are not about to deal with those who remind them of their dues.

Actually, there are plenty of natural reasons. Better yet, there are also ways to getting around these fears and still acquire the sort of sales leads you could only get during tax seasons!

  • They expect you to follow – As alluded above, it just seems so predictable that right after a tax collector comes knocking, you then arrive just as they finish their business and go on their way. It is not like a tax consulting firm like yours does not use their presence to help define and generate sales leads.
  • They treat you like a vulture – Perhaps more obvious is the way they assume you are just there to take advantage of them. It is like the tax collectors are predators and you are the vulture following them to pick up the scraps. The good news is that, this is your chance to show them that sales leads are not synonymous with whatever scraps they are presuming you are their to collect. You just came over to help. Period.
  • They just see you as something else to pay for – The fact that you charge for your input gives them good reason to assume this. Do not take it lightly. However, there are things you can easily give away like more commonly known facts about taxes. Correcting misconceptions are also another underestimated tactic for attracting sales leads.

All in all, if your lead generation services focus more on simply sharing information with prospects and less about any exchanging of money, it becomes possible to acquire sales leads even during tax season!