One of the most tried and true ways to maximize your software leads is to make them into loyal customers. B2B or B2C, happy customers are always more likely to come back for more compared to new ones. This is why your software leads should not just be generated with short-term goals in mind.

Sudden Attitude Change From One Of Your Previous Software Leads

Software Leads, ERP Software Leads, Sales LeadsHowever, what suddenly some of these old customers are behaving strangely. Your company is no longer as well-received when you contact them. They have not been giving any feedback. The next moment, you hear that the company suddenly suffered a major crisis and everyone has pushed their panic buttons. What happened to the happy customer you got out of your software leads?

Then again, it is not like even new customers have not closed themselves off to you in the same manner. Suppose the way you generate leads can be compared to taming wild beasts. One day you hear about a beast that has gone completely out of control and rampaging the countryside. Even your competition is now dropping these from their own list of prospects. Sound like your old software leads right?

What do these kinds in software leads have in common? Answer: Something else is behind this.

Think about it (starting with your former software leads). If it really does not like them, chances are it really is not. Something is causing them to go crazy just as certain monsters in shows and books go crazy for unexplained reasons. On the other hand, you need proof as well as a way to see exactly what is wrong:

  • Stay out of sight – Normally, you would not want to use sneaky methods to acquire or qualify your ERP software leads. But when a prospect company is on constant alert and in collectively dour mood, you have to avoid getting sighted. Find more subtle ways to observe them and their lack of attention will make it easier for you to focus on anything unusual.
  • See the problem – Once you are in a good position to observe, find out what they real problem is. It should not be too hard because finding problems is what it means to generate software leads in the first place. They could be have been hit by a hack attack or there was a case of an inside job.
  • Find means of restraint – Now that you have learned the problem, you have to act fast. Get a prospect to calm down. If these were previous software leads, showing knowledge of the problem really helps. Once they are in a listening mood, move on to the next step.
  • Fix the problem – Your prospect cannot stay calm forever just as they should not remain your software leads forever. Apply the most immediate countermeasures to ease the pain that is causing them to rampage. Once that has been fixed, you are more or less back to normal!

Not every raging prospect should be dropped off from your list of software leads. A bad mood has to originate from some place right? Generate sales leads by maintaining your distance and then deal with what is causing them to go crazy!