Need more construction website leads and prospects?  Apply these 2 winning principles used by elite NFL coach Bill Belichick.  They work!

Construction leads Bill BelichickHow can Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots help you get more remodeling or renovation leads, prospects, customers, clients and revenue for your construction business?

There are two vital principles that Belichick and New England use every week, that have significantly contributed to them being an elite team for a decade.

Do you want your construction and remodeling business to be in the top tier of your industry?  Then, you MUST employ these principles when marketing and promoting your contracting business.

2 Things Belichick Does (That You Can Use) To Consistently Beat The Competition

Construction leads football gameOne of my favorite TV shows during football season is NFL Turning Point (seen on the NBC Sports Network).  If you haven’t seen this show, check it out.  It provides a compelling storyline and insight that turn ordinary football games into intense drama.

Every week they show the story and strategy behind key games the week before, identifying a key “turning point” in the game that changes the outcome.

In one recent episode, they highlighted the Patriots/Colts matchup.  In it, they showed how Belichick employed 2 powerful principles to turn the game from a loss to a win.

1. Who you are playing affects how you play.  

Every week, the coaching staff and the team spend countless hours studying film.  They are looking for their opponents weaknesses.  They are looking for opportunities.

They then devise a strategy to exploit those weaknesses and opportunities.  Part of that strategy is adapting their own style of play to the team they are playing.

Is their opponent weak on defending the run?  Then the Patriots plan to run the ball down their throat.

Does the other team have a strong passing game themselves?  Then, Belichick devises a way to bolster their own pass defense.

But, no matter how prepared you are, how much film you study, you can still lose the game (badly) if you don’t add one more principle.

2. Make adjustments to what you are actually experiencing.

Construction leads black boardNo matter how things look on paper, or how things went the last time your two teams played, you rarely guess 100% correct on your strategy.

Against the Colts, the beginning of the game for the Patriots could not have started off any worse.  The Colts drove down the field on their first possession and score a touchdown.  In fact, they made it look to easy.

What were they doing?

The Colts ran virtually every play to the left side.  They were exploiting their strength (the left side of their line) against a New England weakness (the right side of their defense).  The result was they averaged over 5 yards on every run, often gobbling up huge chunks of yardage.

On the Turning Point episode, Belichick is mic’d up, talking to his team on the sideline, telling them—

“They are attacking us on our right side!  Here is how we need to respond:

  • “John (middle linebacker), I want you to shade your coverage to the right and help out over there… “
  • “Manny (their All-Pro defensive lineman), I want you to move from the left tackle side of our line to the right side…”
  • “Curt (cornerback) I want you to seal the edge so they can’t get outside…”

The result of these adjustments?  Next 7 rushing attempts netted a total of 4 yards.

4 pathetic yards total vs. chunks of gridiron real estate.  All because of some adjustments.

Ok, you may be thinking, “this is interesting… but what does it have to do with my business?”

Thanks for asking…

How To Use Winning NFL Tactics To Get More Leads, Customers And Revenue From Your Website

Marketing (promoting) your business online using your website needs to employ the following two tactics if you want to see more leads, prospects and response from those visiting your website.

1. Adapt your marketing message to the target customer you are going after.

If what is important to your prospective customer is speed, then talk about how timely you are at delivering what they want.  If they care more about attention to details, then tell them how you do that well (assuming you do).

You can’t just tell them what YOU think is important about your business.  And please don’t spout the same tired old expressions that you think are important…

“Family owned and operated”
“Been in business for 100 years…”
“Blah, blah, blah”

These things may be important to your website visitor… but don’t assume that.  Find out what is important to your ideal customer.

Here is one way you can find out what is important to your prospective customers.

When we work with a client, one of the first things we do is begin asking lots of questions.  We try to find out what is going on in that industry so we can adapt the message of our client to the opportunities out there.

For example, if your target customers have been burned by other companies in your industry because they don’t do the job right the first time, then offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Present yourself in such a way that what you offer exactly matches what is important to your prospect… and give them a real reason to work with you.

But, no matter how much research you do, you must always employ tactic #2 (just like the Patriots did).

2. Make adjustments to what you are actually experiencing.

You may be convinced that one message will resonate best with your ideal prospects… but you never know for sure until you test it out.

Construction leads split testThe best way to do that is to conduct an A/B split test.  You create two different landing pages (and two different ads on Google) that accentuate different messages.

For example, on one page you can promote the expertise of your team (for those who are most interested in assurance you know what you are doing and can get the job done right the first time).  The other page can promote your responsiveness to the client throughout the process (always listening, adjusting to their wishes, letting them know where you are in the process).

Note:  there are actually at least a dozen “angles” that can be tested.

So, you make your best guess at the beginning as to what is important to your ideal prospect.  But, then you test your assumptions out.  The page that gets the most phone calls or new contracts proves to be the winner.

To read more about how to test value propositions on your website, follow the link.

Over time, your testing and adjustments often bring a huge improvement to response rates.  I’m talking about a 100-300% improvement.  It is the teams (and companies) that test and adjust to what is really going on out there that soar ahead of their competitors.

The companies that get more leads and new business from their website continuously adapt and adjust to the wants of their ideal prospects. 

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