When using content, people generate sales leads by trying to give advice. The value of this advice can vary depending on whether your provide a product or a service. Regardless, if you want to attract sales leads with any kind of expertise, you should always be ready to strut your stuff.

How Can You Generate Sales Leads When You Run Out Of Advice?

Sales Leads, Software Sales Leads, Lead GenerationBut sometimes, we start running out of ideas. Obviously that is not good when your reputation only brings in more sales leads into your funnel. Despite huge numbers, you do not like to repeat the same thing over and over. How do you keep content fresh?

Well what I do is simple: Mix in other people’s advice. Anyone with even an average experience in content marketing will tell you just how much good advice gets circulated around. The people giving them need sales leads as much as you do. However, they too know the value of sharing expertise. So when you run out of advice to give, create new ones by mixing in the advice of others.

For example, suppose your current sales leads are from the SCM sector. Then naturally, you would want to offer SCM-related advice such as this little piece from Entrepreneur:

Small-business owners should put together a new vendor checklist, advises Jason Bader, managing partner at The Distribution Team, a Portland, Ore. firm that specializes in inventory management and distribution consulting. ‘It really makes you a much better judge of who you ought to be working with.’”

Now how do you mix in this advice and attract SCM leads that are specifically for your software tool?

  • Step 1: See where your product fits – Make yourself more industry-related. You will have more success in your software sales leads if you create content that is relevant. In the Entrepreneur example, you can see the types of information your software could help with. Start with that to spark further interest for your sales leads.
  • Step 2: Make a brief demonstration – The people representing your sales leads will be more convinced if you actually demonstrate how the software handles the information. It is also another way to use these leads to generate opportunities to provide even more service.
  • Step 3: Give credit where it is due – Not even sales leads are an excuse for plagiarism. Luckily, just the simple act of linking to your sources is enough. Also, learn to balance with your own original input. Authentic, original content is still the best practice for attracting your sales leads.
  • Step 4: Keep reading – Do not forget to keep reading so that you have more ideas you can incorporate into your own. Asides from Entrepreneur, you can check out Forbes, subscribe to LinkedIn updates, or even read the business section of your local news paper. These sources are not just good for turning readers into sales leads you know.

In my opinion, much of the stuff you see being circulated is just good old common sense being repeated. Remember, everyone uses content for B2B lead generation so most likely everyone is already sharing and mixing each other’s advice.