Let’s discuss problems and a few methods to help you overcome them successfully, otherwise known as negotiation tactics, or getting people to see things from your point of view while listening to them in an equally respective manner.

There are many ways to go about dealing with disagreements and problems that occur between 2 people, a group of people or several groups of people. To begin, there is usually a misunderstanding that creates tension which results in anger and other negative emotions.

In order to deal with a problem, start to look at the “human being” you are arguing with or talking to, rather than concentrating on the problem. Both of you have emotions, values, and morals that back up your stance on the problem or issue at hand. Each person wants to reach an agreement that is beneficial to their cause, but also lets them keep their self-respect and feel good about the outcome.

Deal with each problem sensitively. Separate the relationship from the substance and deal directly with the people problem. When you begin to do this, you can truly explore rational solutions. This helps you avoid argument by showing the other party that your main goal is to come up with a solution that makes both parties happy.

Separating Your Relationship from the Problem:

  • You must maintain accurate and realistic expectations. Each person will not get everything that they want.
  • You must communicate openly and clearly. Each party needs to know all the details that back up the reasoning behind your point of view.
  • You must control and maintain your emotions. When emotions get involved, it can create personal problems between the two parties that distracts them from coming up with a best solution.
  • Your approach should always be forward-looking. You are looking to solve a problem and you should always be moving forward together to help come up with a solution together!

General negotiation tactics are traits that almost every good sales person has. Keep practicing and you will continue to improve.