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The multiple layers of the marketing funnel can bring frustration to even the most seasoned of marketers. There are many chances for leads to fall through, but an equal number of opportunities for a sale to close.

Since its fruition, there have been numerous variations of the classic marketing funnel — some proven to be more profitable than others. The most lucrative of all is one that seeks to improve your bottom line though a data-driven approach to finding worthwhile, quality leads and closing deals

Marketing funnels that integrate an intent driven marketing approach see better and stronger results. Intent data, in general, helps makes the transition from prospect to client informed and straightforward. With this approach, you can improve your performance with IQOs.

What is an IQO?

An IQO is an Intent Qualified Opportunity. Rather than your typical lead, IQOs are a new and different approach to marketing and sales that provide a more in-depth look at your target accounts. Intent data promises more precision with its quality over quantity strategy that ensures that you know who’s actually in-market to buy, and where they fit into your marketing funnel so you can customize your marketing messaging appropriately.

IQOs yield a wealth of valuable information about your prospect, such as:

  • Intent Location
  • Domain
  • Intent source
  • Intent score
  • Devices researching
  • Ads served
  • Top keywords
  • Top sites visited

How Do We Determine IQOs?

The process of determining is through Intent Scoring.

An Intent Score above 75 means that the prospect is further along in the sales cycle. We recommend you send the prospect to sales, so they can begin reaching out to them.

An Intent Score of below 75 with 1st Party Intent means that the prospect is showing intent and have been interacting with various facets your site. Those with 1st Party Intent should also be sent over to sales for further contact.

Lastly, an Intent Score below 75 with 3rd Party Intent consists of prospects that have shown intent for a product similar to yours, but haven’t directly interacted with your product or service. . The next step here would be to place the prospect on the right sequence in Salesforce in order to get them to 1st party intent.

After determining the Intent Score and process, you can determine precisely where your prospect falls in the marketing funnel, and what your next steps should look like.

Close More Deals with a Data-driven Approach

Using intent data in your marketing funnel vastly improves your sales team’s chances of closing deals. Rather than grasping at straws, you can study real-time data and information about the client and pursue them based on that intel; creating a higher likelihood that the client will pursue you back.