pexels-photoWhen you pick up the phone to call a new client, you prepare to have a conversation with him or her, but rarely do salespeople or wholesale distributors prepare to leave a persuasive and convincing sales voicemail. They end up caught off guard, stumbling through a voicemail with “uhs” and “ums” instead of getting to the point and delivering the message. But, this doesn’t have to be your reality anymore! Follow these tips to leave the perfect sales voicemail:

Don’t start with your name.

As clients check their voicemails when they get back to their office, they will listen to the first few seconds and decide whether to continue to listen or delete it and move to the next. If you start your voicemail by saying your name and what company you are calling from, the client could easily hit delete if he thinks it’s just another sales voicemail. Instead, start with “Hi Ben, I’m calling you about….” State the purpose of your call first and then give your information at the end of the call.

Stay calm.

Salespeople and wholesale distributors are often taught to sound overly enthusiastic and energetic on the phone so clients can sense excitement, but this is not a smart strategy to use. You should sound calm, cool and collected when you are leaving a voicemail for your client so it seems more natural. Clients should not sense you are being fake or phony, which is often how enthusiastic tones can come off. Make clients comfortable by speaking to them normally throughout the voicemail so you don’t scare them off from ever returning your call.

Don’t promise a follow-up.

When you are closing out the voicemail, don’t end with “I’ll check back with you tomorrow,” or “I’ll try calling again next week.” Although it’s natural to want to end the conversation with how you will be in touch with them next, don’t do it! If you tell the client you will be initiating the next phone call, he has no reason to return your call when he gets your voicemail. Why would he call you back right away if you have already said you will call again tomorrow? To make sure the client calls you back, end the conversation with your phone number so he knows where to reach you.

Always leave a voicemail.

The most important tip of all is to always leave a voicemail! If a client sees a missed call from you and then realizes you didn’t leave a voicemail, this may come off as strange to him. He has no reason to call you back because you didn’t tell him why you were calling in the first place. This is a very ineffective technique, so it’s always best to leave to a voicemail, even if you’re not prepared at the time to give your best pitch.

What tips do you have for leaving sales voicemails? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!