A Look Inside the New HubSpot CRM

Announcing New HubSpot CRM

Inbound marketing is designed to help you attract leads to your website, nurture those leads and eventually convert those leads to become paying customers. These days, marketing and sales are so intertwined it is difficult to have one without the other.

That’s why HubSpot is taking its marketing platform to the next level, making it easier to quantify marketing initiatives and track sales.

HubSpot announced today that it is adding a free CRM tool to its cloud-based marketing software. HubSpot CRM was developed to be an intuitive and automated system, distinguishing itself from other, more cumbersome products.

HubSpot CRM is intended to make the sales process easier for your sales team, allowing them to focus on selling instead of spending valuable time learning a complicated new system.

Designed for those companies who don’t have a CRM or haven’t yet adopted a CRM system who need a simple, streamlined option for managing contacts. HubSpot’s CRM tool could be the perfect solution because it adds value and functionality to your business without adding to your overhead or requiring valuable time be spent on complex product training sessions.

CRM for the New Sales Process

The new HubSpot CRM program reflects a shift in the way consumers make purchasing decisions; many of today’s decisions are based on peer-submitted reviews, whether that is a decision on where to eat dinner, where to go on vacation or what type of software to purchase for your company.

As HubSpot Founder Brian Halligan explained: “We started HubSpot because we felt the way consumers shop and buy had fundamentally changed. The inbound movement has helped transform the world of marketing, and we really feel like there’s a huge opportunity to transform the customer experience with sales technology that enables companies to sell more, better, and faster.”

As a result of this new mindset in purchasing, sales tactics must change.

In fact, Halligan said his team designed HubSpot CRM to address the changing sales process. “The traditional sales process is broken,” he said. “Instead of ‘always be closing,’ the next generation of sales leads will ‘always be helping.’”

“The next generation of sales leads will ‘always be helping’.”

HubSpot Co-Founder Brian Halligan 

No longer are sales activities limited to one outlet or touch point. HubSpot recognizes that sales decisions are based on dozens of touch points from phone calls to social media to email marketing to your website content.

Gone are the days of requiring your team to log each sales-related activity throughout the day. HubSpot CRM runs in the background, organizing every interaction your reps have with their prospects and customers.

Why Do We Like HubSpot CRM?

Here at IMA, we are excited about the opportunity to streamline and organize our contacts and leads. Yes, we are a marketing agency. But, like any growing business, we still need to be able to scale our business. With HubSpot CRM, we can easily keep track of who is in our pipeline and how we can convert leads into customers.

This tool will be a great addition for current HubSpot users, as it is built on a familiar platform and does not require any additional login credentials.

We have had the opportunity to test the tool out for a few days, and we can say for sure that the tool really is intuitive. Each element is clearly labeled and easy to find.

Sharing documents pertinent to each client is easy, too, with direct integration with Google Docs. And, let’s be honest—sharing documents through the cloud is so much easier than managing paper folders or even network-based shared drives!

Because you can grant access to approved users within your company, you can ensure only those who need to access HubSpot CRM are able to. This is especially helpful if your company manages marketing and CRM tools for multiple clients.

A Look Inside HubSpot CRM

So how does HubSpot CRM help you streamline your sales activities throughout the day?

While there are some additional subscription-based features planned for future releases, the majority of HubSpot CRM features will be included in the basic package. Let’s take a deeper dive into some of the features and functionality included in this new program:


HubSpot CRM Database Tool is Efficient and Easy to use
HubSpot CRM’s database tool will allow you to collect and store data on contacts, companies, deals and tasks. Because it automatically creates company records, associates contacts and de-duplicates leads, the database streamlines your data-entry processes and frees up your sales team’s time to focus on the bigger picture.


HubSpot CRM Timeline Keeps Everything Centralized
As we mentioned, every touch point contributes to the overall sales process, from social channels to email campaigns to actual phone calls. HubSpot CRM’s timeline features every email, call, note and website visit into one simple, intuitive view. With the ability to make calls, send emails, set reminders and organize your day in one place, Timeline not only helps you track your customer’s activity but also helps you manage your workload effectively and efficiently.


HubSpot CRM Email Tool Can Send Direct Emails
HubSpot CRM connects to Gmail, Google Apps, Outlook and Apple Mail so your team can log emails with their contacts easily and automatically. To increase your efficiency, you can send emails directly from any contact’s record within the tool.

Google Calendar Integration

HubSpot CRM Connects with Your Google Calendar

Connect your Google Calendar with HubSpot CRM to view your scheduled meetings and set new appointments without having to switch windows or leave the CRM. Having this ability to stay on track with your tasks and manage your appointments from within the tool keeps you focused throughout the day.

Data Enrichment

Instead of having to switch back and forth between tabs and screens while researching a potential new customer, the enriched data provided by HubSpot allows you to instantly see new, useful information about any contact or company. It provides background information, details on key employees, social data, related companies, and more so you can access what you need to know quickly and easily.

Additional Features Coming Soon

In addition to the free features we just described, HubSpot will also offer an in-app phone call option that will allow you to make phone calls to clients with just one click and record the conversation for follow up. (Although the availability and legality of this changes from state to state.)

HubSpot also announced changes to the popular Signals program, already included in the HubSpot platform, as well as some exciting marketing updates available in the Marketing platform.

We’ll explore those later this week; so, stay tuned for more exciting feature updates. In the meantime, check out the new CRM features for yourself!