Anyone who works in sales—whether it’s as a salesperson, a sales manager, or a client networking executive—knows the job is highly rewarding, but it doesn’t come without its fair share of hard work, disappointment, and fatigue. Just like any other profession that requires skill, dedication, and occasional long hours; there are ways to ensure sales professionals find success in their pursuits.

Avoiding Burnout

Burnout is a big problem in sales because it can tend to be a high-stress environment to work in. Working around people all day, the repetition of the job, trying to close deals; it can be tiring! And once you’re burned out, your energy declines, your rate of learning decreases, and you lose motivation. Instead of letting yourself get to that point, try curtailing any potential for burnout before it happens with these steps.

1. Pace yourself. Remember, closing a sale isn’t a race or a marathon. Don’t allow yourself to get pulled in 30 different directions each week, as it will spread you too thin. Instead, focus on as few projects at once as you can in order to fully give them your attention. Don’t allow yourself to take on any new projects until your current ones are complete.

2. Experiment with new techniques. Keep yourself from falling into boring, repetitive habits by trying new techniques. You can start by shortening your sales pitch; look at the parts of it that work very well or that people react well to, the parts that might not be necessary, and your presentation as a whole. You can create a more focused and direct pitch that your prospects will love and that will save you some time! You can also investigate your sales meetings; look at your closing comments, ask different questions, and research new strategies that can help you stand out.

3. Leave your work at work. Don’t allow yourself to work late into the night. Even if you can’t disconnect completely every night, be sure to do so at least twice a week, even if it’s just on weekends. When you’re not at work, let yourself to be present and focus on what you’re doing then—whether it’s cheering your son on at his baseball game, shopping with your daughter, enjoying dinner with your spouse, or spending time with friends.

4. Outsource. If your company isn’t large enough or doesn’t have the resources to do everything in house, outsourcing things like email marketing, appointment setting, and sales calls can not only free up a large part of your day, but can also allow you to concentrate on the parts of a sale that are integral to you like maintaining a client relationship or researching how to expand your business.

Finding Success as a Purpose-Oriented Sales Professional

Sometimes it’s hard not to get overwhelmed by the idea of chasing the money in a sale. By concentrating on becoming a purpose-oriented sales professional, however, you can find new things to love about your job and new ways to make prospects and customers happy. The best part about focusing on purpose rather than just closing sales is that you can also increase your own workplace engagement and happiness too!

1. Seek fulfillment rather than money, power, or status.The idea of making money alone is not empowering or motivating. In fact, people who have a deeper reason to work hard than just money tend to make more of it. Continue to challenge and motivate yourself in your career by learning new skills, setting new goals, and finding a deeper purpose than money to continue working in sales. Fulfillment and career satisfaction don’t come from a paycheck alone; people need to gain valuable experience and feel appreciated too.

2. Learn to appreciate the challenges. The tough days won’t ever just go away, so it is important to learn how to welcome, overcome, and appreciate what you can learn from challenges. Look at difficult tasks or customers as an opportunity to learn from the experience, refine your sales process, and overcome when someone else might not be able to close that deal.

3. Find a balance in your career. Balance your desire to make money and your need for career satisfaction by working hard at what you want to accomplish and seeking opportunities to always be learning and growing in your field. Stagnation is one of the leading causes of burnout. Focus on your strengths rather than your weaknesses or mistakes. By figuring out your areas of strength you can use this to move onward and upward in your sales career.