Software sales is not a quick, transactional process by nature, and there’s no sticking to a script. More decision-makers and variables are involved – factors that go beyond simpler value propositions based on service and price.

While a transactional sale is more of a one-and-done deal, the software sales process is solutions-based. Solutions sales combines many functions that drive a longer sales cycle: Lead generation, creating opportunities with a prospective customer and working through various department levels make outsourcing full-cycle sales a viable alternative for your business.

During such a complex journey with a prospective client, the risk of getting knocked out by competitors always exists. A lot of energy should be spent explaining how your product is different from others on the market.

Outsourcing software sales arms you with a skilled team and the right resources to navigate many potential failure points during a year-plus-long sales process.

Critical Yet Overlooked Benefits Of Outsourced Software Sales

It’s true that a lot of businesses decide to outsource based on a need to reduce costs. You need a function done for less money, and outsourcing is a cost-effective alternative to cut spending and drive some acceptable level of performance to meet your quality standards.

But outsourcing can and should be much more than that.

Any potential outsourced sales partner should spend time discovering your business challenges – that’s the only way to truly understand the type of solutions-based engagement you need. From there, services like recruiting, training, lead generation, licensing and more are customized to your exact needs.

Here are two overlooked benefits of outsourced software sales:

1. Reduces Or Eliminates Turnover Costs
Is your partner able to find the right salesperson and train them quickly? The outsourced sales firm should be able to demonstrate its effectiveness at hiring and training for technical proficiency because this is how you avoid the high cost of attrition. In this way, outsourcing is like purchasing a coverage plan.

2. Improves Consumer Visibility
As your partner is prospecting, is it also working to improve your database of contacts and customers? The outsourced sales firm should easily understand how to seamlessly integrate back into your company’s operating environment, just like a member of your in-house sales team.

Breaking Down A Solutions Sales Outsourcing Agreement

To have success outsourcing your software sales, you need to define what your partner is bringing to the table to accomplish your revenue goals, and agree upfront what you’re paying for.

This is where the sales strategy comes into play:

  • What does the engagement looks like?
  • Who is delivering what and when?
  • How many contact attempts are being made?
  • What is the ramp-up time for training?
  • What is the reporting cadence for prospecting?
  • How are roadblocks and problems communicated?

This information is all detailed in a blueprint agreement, a roadmap to implementing this resource into your own business operations.

An outsourced partner shouldn’t be siloed off in some far-away corner prospecting all day long. Ideally, you’re hiring an expert at solutions sales, and the outsourced partner offers and integrates all the resources you need to drive this complex and lengthy process.

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