catalyze action and trigger sales

How can you trigger sales?

Do you wish you had a magic wand to trigger sales? Sometimes, life is just not fun. You can have everything technically in place, and sales can be in the gutter. And if you’re a fearful seller, you can think it’s the end of the world.

Your marketing strategy can be solid. You can have a clearly defined target customer, and a relationship. You can know their issues, they can afford your solution, and you can show a return on their investment. And yet sales are flat and you’re stuck in limbo.

So what’s missing?

A catalyst.

Think way, way back to high school chemistry. Be brave; think back.

You had a beaker with a chemical cocktail, and it was just sitting there. Everything needed for a reaction was present, but nothing was happening. Then you added a chip of ceramic, or some other inert object, and suddenly, like magic, things fizzed and bubbled. There was action! And you passed the course.

Selling works the same way.

You can have all the components for the sales potion. Sometimes things happen automatically, but often they do not. Your target customer, your marketing efforts and your product all co-exist, and nothing happens. So you sit and wait. Forever.

You need to identify the sales catalyst. You need to determine the event that will push the customer off of hold and into action.

Catalysts to trigger sales are everywhere. Sales catalysts are events that cause emotional distress. They trigger an urgent need that demands relief. It seems people are being stressed almost constantly, but how you capitalize on this?

Know when and where the urgency is likely to hit, and be there. Be ready with the perfect solution and the right message to relieve the acute pain.

Create your message:

  • Think about your target customer. What are the significant life events and crises they face?
  • What emotional distress will they experience?
  • What emotional relief will they seek?
  • How can you design and position your product and message to provide this relief?
  • What is your sales message? What is the spin on your product?

Be there when lightning strikes:

A catalytic event is quick, intense, and targeted. When it hits, your customer is looking for immediate relief. You need to be there at that moment. You need to be the first person they think about to help relieve their distress.

Be strategic. Know your clients. Develop your relationships well in advance. Identify their triggers, and be there with relief. Develop relationships with strategic partners who also serve the same client base, and work together to reinforce top of mind awareness in clients.

Two Examples::

Your Product Wedding dresses Motorcycle customization
Target Customer Engaged women Owners seeking admiration
Catalytic Events Engagement Seeing fancier cycles
Emotional Distress Looking perfect; living the dream; princess for a day Being average or below
Emotional Relief Sought Confidence, glamour, making the dream reality Being top dog, or at least even with peers
Emotional Product A dream experience Cutting edge customizations
Product Positioning The perfect dress, the perfect experience, the perfect day fit for a princess The baddest cycle for the baddest rider.
Sales Message Making your dreams come true Beyond “Wow.”
Cluster Locations Sororities, health clubs, Pinterest Conventions, clubs, riding events, trade publications
Strategic Sales Contacts Hair dressers, jewelers Cycle clothing stores, clubs

Catalytic events create emotional distress. Design your product, message, and media to relieve that distress. Be there when the trigger hits, with an offer of immediate relief. Identify the catalytic events, capitalize on these and boost your sales effectiveness.