Everyone loves an expert, whether it is lead generation or any other field. They seem to know every trick in the book and then some. They are the pinnacle of knowledge and experience. But when it comes to marketing, many experts themselves are beginning to realize that all of that is proving less and less sufficient.

New Lead Generation Methods – Where Experts Are Too Far And Too Few

Lead Generation, Lead Generation Company, Sales LeadsReferencing Clark Kokich of Razorfish, this Forbes article offers yet another glimpse of how new marketing tactics are changing the game:

As a model for the future, he cites the iconoclastic examples of Richard Branson’s Virgin; Nike’s ‘Write the Future’ campaign, in which youth competed to be identified as a rising soccer star; and the ‘Epic Mix’ campaign by the Vail ski resort, which leveraged digital technology to help friends connect, track each other, and compete on the slopes. To succeed in marketing moving forward, he says, ‘What you need more than expertise is curiosity, someone who’s interested in what’s happening, loves change, and wants to develop ideas and drive change. If you’re not one of those people, you’re going to hate what’s going on in marketing and you won’t be effective. I have friends who have told me they’re just trying to hang on before people realize they don’t know what they’re doing. But I don’t think you can fake it another five years. You’re just not relevant if you’re fighting the reality of what’s happening.’”

Many industries like ERP have long depended on experts like IT professionals and sales people to fully develop products and offer them as prime solutions to prospects. However, even when their own expertise remains in place, the same cannot be said of their marketers. If you continue to attract ERP leads without the openness to new methods, you will meet the same fate as the companies that Kokich predicts will lose relevancy.

Some go the extreme and say perhaps this could be the end of marketing itself. Perhaps the salespeople themselves should start doing without lead generation and use their own expertise to get attention. After all, it is only marketing experts who have suffered right? Decision makers would surely still appreciate the knowledge and experience of software salesmen.

Unfortunately, you are forgetting that such expertise does not appeal as much as you think. Do not forget two common obstacles often encountered by salespeople:

  • Pre-sale communication – Going straight for what only appears to be an opportunity is what lead generation is supposed to prevent. You will only turn-off a lot of people with your eagerness. In the article, the focus of the new marketing is on customer experience. That requires engagement even before you can think about setting an appointment. Can your salespeople do that?
  • Limiting information – You need to control the amount of information being disseminated throughout the sales process. An expert who speaks an entirely different language goes from impressive to incomprehensible. Information overload has always been a bane to any success in sales. Even if you outsource a lead generation company, they will still advise you to tone it down.

On further reflection though, this is not the first time experts have been in danger of losing relevancy. Knowledge is always changing. That is why the best expert is not just someone who knows but someone who adapts. Get your lead generation experts adapting today to keep generating ERP sales leads!