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The most basic question in the sales process is, “why should I buy this?”. The best sales reps have all the answers they need when it comes to answering this question – and any others they encounter. But sales managers should look deeper to find out if the whole sales team uses the same, effective, quality messaging as the top performers. This consistency can only come from collaboration, training, practice…and more practice.

Consistency matters

It’s important to make sure sales messages are consistent so customers clearly understand why what you’re selling is better. Sending inconsistent messages to the market makes it twice as hard to cut through the noise and get your point across. We live in a noisy world, filled with other distractions and messages.

Consistent messaging drives growth. But as organizations grow in today’s endlessly evolving digital world, that consistency becomes more difficult to achieve as the stories multiply in number and complexity.

We need a faster way to learn at work. But we’re all adults here, and it’s tough for us to learn new things unless something we want is on the line.

Motivation is key for modern learning

Motivation actually affects cognitive processes when you’re learning.

When you look under the guest bathroom sink and notice a sizable leak just three hours before your favorite group of friends or family members land for a weekend stay at your new home, your brain physically goes into overdrive to learn how to fix it.

Your first action might be to call your plumber. But what if it’s a holiday and they aren’t on the job? You might open your mobile phone, Google a list of local plumbers and start calling around. Maybe you’d find somebody okay enough to get it done, or maybe even somebody really good you might not have ever known about otherwise (this is how many of us learned to get around using mobile phones themselves, mind you). But maybe you don’t find that plumber at all. What do you do then?

In 2018, you pop open YouTube and watch a DIY video that got 50,000 views and learn how to do it yourself from somebody you bet is an expert. And you’re motivated to learn, too. That’s why the lesson gets burned into your mind and you never forget how to fix a leaky faucet again.

Versus sitting in a Homeowner’s Ed class (if such a thing existed) and watching the instructor demonstrate for you, while you think about whether or not you want ice cream because your brain shut itself down when you encountered information you had zero use for at the time.

That’s why organizations bringing modern learning to their field forces enjoy more consistent messaging than their competitors. Their people learn in the field when motivation runs high so the messages and talk tracks get burned into their minds. Sales leaders can cherry pick the most well-executed examples of how to articulate the message by the top talent in their organizations and make it available to other reps on their mobile devices in the form of short videos.

Modern learning drives consistent messaging to a degree not possible before because the technology of yesterday couldn’t keep up. If you’re interested in learning more about modern learning’s impact on sales organizations, read how premier wealth management firms transform learning with technology.