As an online store, you need to focus on making your consumers feel comfortable and secure before they can purchase a product from your store. You have to earn the trust of your buyers if you want to maintain a long term relationship with them.

You may have a killer product and you may have used a beautiful website to showcase it online. However, if you haven’t earned your buyer’s trust, there is no way these things can make a difference to your sales.

Let us now look at a few steps you can follow that to convert your visitors into loyal customers:

Posting customer reviews

If you have customers who love to write positive reviews about your business, it makes sense to post these reviews on your website. These reviews not only create a positive impression about your Brand in the minds of your potential clients, they also help them feel absolutely secure while shopping on your site. This can also help you build an excellent reputation for your business in the market.

Going the Social Media way

If you wish to connect with your customers constantly, it is very important to step into social media platforms. Not only do you need to have a strong social media presence, you should also be consistent. Use Pinterest to show off your new products. Chat up with buyers whenever you get an opportunity. Let them know what is going on behind the scenes using Instagram. Show them your fun side while focusing on building a good rapport.

Be there when your customers need you

More often than not, your customers get stuck when they are checking out on your website. At such times, it is very important to clarify their queries instantly as they would be in a desperate mode to make that purchase. Contacting via phone or email requires them to wait for a while. This may even cause your customers to abandon their purchases and leave your site. The ideal solution to this would be to include an online chat option. This will help you establish a real-time connection with your customers. You will be viewed as accessible all the time, which will increase your reliability by leaps and bounds.

Including an FAQ Page

When offering an online store it is important to think like a buyer and imagine the possible scenarios he/she might go through. If you are ready to go that extra mile in earning the trust of your buyers, you should include an FAQ page on your website. Try to answer as many possible questions through this page. Not only will this be increasing your reliability it will also empower your visitors to help themselves in case they have a query.

Show them who you are in real

Including the faces of your team members on your website is very important to earn the trust of your buyers. Come up with a creative plan to show what happens and who is responsible behind the scenes. This will instill trust in the minds of your buyers, while enhancing their shopping experience.

Honest and Clear Policies

There is probably no business that doesn’t want its customers to come back to it again and again. This would mean you will need to include a policy page that helps your buyers understand what they are getting into whenever they purchase your products. Be honest and as transparent as possible if you want to earn the trust of your buyers. Be clear regarding the procedures related to order, shipping and delivery, while mentioning the exact cost and the time frame. If you have a return / exchange policy make sure you make it very clear. Returns are not bad for your business; in fact, making the return experiences satisfying will get your customers to shop with you again and again. Your buyers will understand nothing can go wrong in their purchases and if something does, you will always set it right for them.

Launch a Blog

Launching a blog and posting informative and unique posts on it on regular basis is another way to win the trust of the targeted audience. Please don’t use a standard wordpress template as the design of your blog rather you need to invest some money to create a custom design for your blog. However, if you don’t know how to set up a blog, don’t worry because there are hundreds of web design companies available to help you out.

Make it easier for your customers to contact you

Having a Contact Us page that includes a contact form, your phone number, email address, store address and social media page links will show that you are open to communication with your customers. Make sure you also take part in online forums and social media conversations to reach out to your buyers wherever they are. Include a Feedback form and encourage your buyers to fill them up whenever they make their purchases. This will help you maintain a long term relationship with them.

These steps for sure should help you in earning the trust of your buyers. There is definitely more to this if you do some research. Don’t forget to include a Blog on your website. While earning the trust of your buyers as an expert in business, this will also help in driving traffic to your website.