Why choose e-learning?

E-learning is catching on. If done right, it can produce great results for users and at the same time lower costs. You can reach students across the world with little or no geographical barriers. You are not restricted to training rooms or classrooms, and you can benefit from instant sharing of documents, audio-visual assets and automated testing.

The market for e-learning is as exciting as its technology and solutions, and is a sector ideally placed to benefit from online lead generation.

4 out 5 users now search for information on products and services online to start to understand how to solve their business issues and tech marketers are recognising the changing behaviour of the web user as online presence and activity play an increasingly important role in engaging users.

As a result, new marketing methods and software have evolved rapidly to support companies getting found by users, engaging with them and converting these users to clients or customers. The game has changed from one of ‘push’ marketing to ‘pull’ marketing. The fuel of ‘pull’ marketing is CONTENT. Not just any old content, but great content that is specifically crafted to meet the needs of your audience and helps them understand their issues, how they can go about solving them and ultimately help them make a purchase decision.

The challenge for tech marketers, generally speaking, is therefore not one of getting started but instead understanding how to adopt and implement best practice methods to drive increased traffic and conversion rates

Many technology companies are already practicing content marketing to a lesser or greater degree. For instance you will most likely already:

  • Optimise your website for target keywords
  • Have regular bloggers in the business
  • Operate a corporate twitter account and probably some personal accounts too.
  • Create content, perhaps product guides and videos that are available on your website
  • Have a monthly budget for Google Adwords.

For further info on generating leads online you can download this useful guide to online lead generation: