Top-performing salespeople are a breed of their own. Passionate, competitive, self-motivated and tireless. But when your company experiences rapid growth or has a lengthy sales cycle for high value products and services, the burden on your top performers can be heavy. That’s when you’ve got to ask: is there a cost-effective way to augment my sales coverage and drive results without driving core sales team into the ground? We believe the answer is yes. And, in our opinion, the best team-based selling solutions include a kickass outsourced sales support team from a contact center partner you can trust. Here’s why.

Building the Right Team

From everyday consumers searching for a new car to small business owners searching for a new accountant, it has become the norm for consumers in both the B2B and B2C worlds to educate themselves fully before they commit to buying any product or service. But because of this easy access to extensive information, the process of qualifying leads and nurturing the pre-sale relationship can lengthen the sales cycle and potentially put a drag on your bottom line.

Partnering with an outsourcer whose agents can faithfully represent your brand while successfully advancing a lead as far as possible before handing it off to your core sales team can create both efficiency and effectiveness.

Essentially, your contact center partner becomes an extension of your sales team and shoulders the risk and burden of building and managing the early sales stages. The right team can lay the groundwork providing incremental territory coverage, pre-qualifying leads, setting appointments etc., so you can focus on the money makers, and the money makers can focus on closing. Win-win-win.

Lifting the Burden of Training

Regardless of your industry and product or service offering, it’s common knowledge that retention in sales can be challenging. Ideally, then, you need to focus your hiring, training, and retention efforts on your core sales team in order to maximize performance, boost your bottom line, and minimize turnover.

So when you add the burden of managing a sales support team in addition to your core salespeople, you’re shouldering significant expense and effort. And that’s before we even get to the fact that a new agent is likely only performing at a 50% efficiency rate until they learn the ropes in the field. That can mean a higher risk of potentially damaging your brand, losing productivity, and missing sales opportunities.

The solution? Outsourcing your pre-sales team to someone who knows what they’re doing. The best outsourcer has a time-tested recruitment and training process, plus a deep commitment to learning your brand inside out. At Blue Ocean, for instance, we understand what a true sales culture is and how to build it, we immerse our sales support agents in a supportive and productive environment, providing side-by-side coaching, continuous communication, and sales-driven incentives. (Want an example of our success? Check out our sales support case study!)

Cost Benefits That Lie Beneath the Surface

There can be more cost benefit than meets the eye with an outsourced sales support team. Consider the built-in costs of hiring in-house outbound sales support. The numbers are significant even when you just take into consideration the basics of getting them started: the technical infrastructure they’ll need to do their job, like CRM licenses, telephony and workstations, and tech support to maintain and upgrade this infrastructure as necessary.

Speaking of technology and infrastructure, your outsourced partner should be bringing solutions and systems, from dialers to lead scoring and lead delivery mechanisms, that deliver huge returns to the equation. And robust customized reporting that delivers insights and not just information can be a huge benefit to making decisions that benefit your business.

Another cost to consider with an in-house team is the management, supervision, and training of those individuals – this adds management head count to your bottom line costs. Those head count costs go hand in hand with the cost of HR administration of these employees, including recruitment, payroll, benefits, and taxes. Overwhelmed by the hidden costs yet? And that’s without even getting into the fact that for in-house reps, you’ll be compensating them even for time they’re not actually productive, like administrative time or personal breaks.

We believe it’s absolutely worth looking into call center outsourcing costs to determine how an outsourced sales support team would affect your bottom line while simultaneously helping your core salespeople produce greater revenue.

Are You Ready for an Outsourced Sales Support Team?

We’re confident that we can help boost the productivity and efficiency of your core sales team, in addition to revving up your bottom line. Outsourcing your sales support will be the best move you make this year.