lead generation, business to business leads, sales lead generationTo start off this blog post, let’s ask a question: why do we create landing pages? Well the answer is because we want to convert our site visitors into leads. Lead generation through landing pages, however, is a challenge all on its own – one that is best left to your marketing team (and with the help of your web and graphics design team).

Landing pages serve to be areas in which where you can generate leads online. Prospects that are redirected to your landing page do not just end up there without reason. They are brought or came to your landing page because they show an interest in what you offer. As such, the task of your landing page is to convert your visitors into leads. The question now is how do you create good landing pages?

A good landing page will show high conversion rates. It’s not a wonder why people fret over them so much as part of their lead generation approach. So do you want to find out how to create awesome landing pages and get them converting your site visitors? Well here’s the information you want to know.

A landing page fails in its task of conversion if content between the landing and off-page is not aligned. Prospects arrived at your landing page because your promises on your off-page content caught their attention and prompted them to click your ads and links. Now what do you think will happen when your landing page content has nothing to do with what they first took an interest in? That’s right, you lessen your chances of conversion.

Align all your off-page content to that of your landing page to ensure that your conversion rates stay at their highest. Prospects expect to find a summary of your services related to your off-page content on your landing page so make sure that they find what they are looking for once they click on your ads and links.

Lessen your text and simply your design.

Landing pages are made to convert your visitors into business to business leads. As such, you shouldn’t stress too much on your design too much as it may distract your prospects. Also, your text must no longer be self-promotional and focus solely on providing what your prospects want to know. Modify your text until you are left with bullet lists and headlines that support your claims. Keeping distractions to a minimum is what matters in your landing page design.

Showcase your brand validity.

Your prospects want to know that they are working with a legitimate and trustworthy company. Do you have any well-known clients? Ask them if you can use their brand logos on your landing pages to help validate your brand to your prospects.

People do not do business with people they do not believe are legitimate and trustworthy. As such, you should make an example of yourself and validate your company in the eyes of your prospects through using the brand logos of your clients. Showcase testimonials of satisfied customers; display media sources that have made mention of your fine company. This will help validate your brand in the eyes of your potential client and help drive lead generation on your landing pages.

Test, test, and test again.

Landing pages are not instant converters. They need to be tested for their effectiveness in converting your visitors into leads. As such, sales lead generation through landing pages is dependent on constant and repeated testing to gauge whether your page works in getting sales leads.

Create two similar pages with slight differences which you believe will affect conversion rates and put them to the test. Modify your content to see which gets the best interaction out of your prospects. Add or remove more of your text to see what sticks and what doesn’t. So to speak, there are a lot of things you need to test out in regards to driving lead generation through your landing pages.

In lead generation through online means, landing pages are among some of the best lead generators once you know how to create engaging and high-converting templates. Learn which works best for you and never stop testing until you see highly satisfactory results. Lead generation through landing pages is totally possible and should be something you consider as part of your company’s marketing plans.