Squeezing in a snooze...

Have you ever sat through a sales presentation where the presenter drones on and on about the history of the company and how great their product or service is?

Talk about the perfect cure for insomnia.

In fact, one of my former business partners who ran our sales department used to make that mistake. No matter how many times I told him that no one cares about all that crap, he’d put prospects to sleep with all the details before he’d get to the punch line.

What’s in it for them?

Selling isn’t about convincing your prospect how great your product or service is. It’s about helping them see what is in it for them through effective communication. How will they benefit from your product or service? What will they have that they don’t have now if they do business with you? That’s how you should start every sales presentation.

Get your prospect excited about getting something they want and/or need. Then, show them how you can deliver that for them.

Now, you’re probably wondering how to do that, right? Here’s how.

Do your homework

Never go into a sales presentation cold. Learn as much about the prospect and their company as you can. Then, start off your presentation by asking questions. Listen intently and take notes.

Your sales presentation shouldn’t be a canned pitch. You should know your material well enough to adapt your presentation to the needs of the prospect. By initially asking questions and listening, you can adjust your presentation accordingly.

The best sales presentations often turn into business brainstorming sessions. Instead of being seen as a sales rep pitching a product, you can become a problem solver. I’ve walked out of sales presentations with opportunities I hadn’t imagined prior to the meeting.

So the next time you get in front of a potential new client, don’t launch into your standard pitch. Think about what value you can deliver to the prospect, and before you know it, you may find yourself as an important part of their team.

How do you communicate your value to customers? Share with me below.

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