Arming your lead generation campaign with a lot of convincing information seems pretty second nature for a lot of health-related companies. However, it is also a reality that people have become increasingly doubtful with the way people use such information to give their own spin on things. Does this mean that citing stats and numbers is still good for lead generation or you just playing with numbers just like everybody else?

Lead Generation: Giving Information On What The Targeted Market Wants

Lead Generation, Health Lead Generation, Sales LeadsPerhaps there really is no definite answer on how to use facts in lead generation without feeling like a political spinster. There will always be someone who thinks you are anyways. Still, a better idea might be using information that not just favors your business. Like lead generation itself, the facts it uses must be targeted.

  • Do your prospects want to know this? – This sounds shallow but if you want your lead generation campaign to start somewhere, it should always be on what prospects want. Put in another way, what is their desire? For example, will increasing awareness of certain health problems stir health leads in your direction or do prospects simply fail to see why they should care?
  • Do your prospects need to know this? – You might argue that want is not a need but starting from wants is the best way to discover those same needs. Contrary to popular belief, lead generation does not so much as ‘create’ needs as it does discover those that are actually hidden in the desires of prospects.
  • How much of it is really true? – Of course, you can never ignore the quality of the facts themselves. Just because you know prospects who both and need to hear the things cited in your health lead generation campaign does not mean it is all that effective if something contests their validity. Be open to having your facts criticized and have the humility to admit mistakes.
  • How long will this stay true? – Believe it or not but facts can expire much like food. They do not always stay fresh and true. Coincidentally, this is why lead generation campaigns also make sure the data they use is constantly updated.

To summarize, you need to align the desires of your target market with how much of that desire is based on factual information. There is a good reason why lead generation campaigns strongly dabble in measuring both. It is not just so you could generate qualified sales leads or bag more money but also how you use numbers that prospects are looking for.