Untitled design (8)During my training sales seminars, often I ask participants a question: Do you have stale sales, in your pipeline? Almost every time the answer is yes.

Most sales professionals suffer from business opportunities that remain dormant for a very long time, and it seems that nothing can move them from an almost eternal sleep. This challenge, if not timely faced, puts in a bad light reps and their sales managers and, in some cases, can become detrimental to their morale.

When the answer comes out, I often say: “Good news, guys. In addition to many sales techniques, you are about to discover how to create urgency in your customer, which will help you to close those agreements that have been pending a long time.”

Try These 9 Tricks to Close Stale Sales

# 9: A bit of aggressiveness in the final stage of the sales does not hurt. This technique is at the bottom of the list (as you see, has number 9) but it is no less effective than others. When you get close to the close, ask for it with determination, avoiding hesitation and stop-and-go’€™s, which are only time wasters.

# 8: Find a valid argument that will help to close. It may be an imminent change of price list , a likely shortage of stock, a possible huge order coming from other clients, a return you do not want to accept and are willing to discount by 50%, or any other good reason to apply a little pressure (at this point is welcome) on an hesitant prospect.

# 7: Structure your offer so as to give precise time intervals, and then recall this timeline, peacefully but firmly with the customer. Maybe link some discount or payment facilitations to the order, to meet those time frames, and without hesitation ask for the sale.

# 6: Oversees all purchase team members. Often, in purchasing departments, there is only one person who has the power to say yes (not always the purchase director , there are also unofficial organizational charts! ). In contrast, any member of the team can say no. Obviously, mind you do not forget either them; if not involved, they may give you more problems than you can imagine.

# 5: Make regular follow-ups on all customers. Out of sight, out of mind: this old proverb has been able to help probably millions of sales reps.

# 4: If you have been able enough at the stage of needs investigation and solicitation, you’ve surely discovered those of your decision makers. Align their goals, needs, desires to your solution. Remember that personal objectives, needs and desires are often stronger than the professional ones. Indeed, the last are often the visible part of a personal need, which is buried beneath the threshold of consciousness. Find it, and you’€™ll make a great bingo!

# 3: You’ve certainly skillfully conducted the investigation stage, which showed you some possible marketing benefits of your solution . Underline it, urge it, again and again, and see what effect it will make on the customer. It is possible, in so doing, that you see your client finally making the decision.

# 2: Find a way to emphasize the savings or the ROI of your solution, using datas coming from the client. If he is losing money , or isn’€™t cashing it because the decision has not yet taken, in so doing , you will probably see him hurrying up.

# 1: Connect your solution to the possibility to better compete. Sometimes nothing is more motivating than satisfying the pride of some newly appointed managers, who need to boost their image.

You’ve surely noticed that most of these techniques assume you possess a strong intimacy with your client. If you are in a great relationship, in most cases you will be helped by that.

A close relationship is not only essential to keep the competition away, but also to conclude most of the sales. Even more important, please remember the concept that you are not selling products or services: you are selling solutions. Keep that in mind, and apply the above nine rules: you will see your sales taking off!