Social Media, Technology and Digital Natives get along pretty well. We wouldn’t dare go to sleep without our iPhone or Android laying right next to us. We would freak out if we lost everything on our tablet right this very second. Every level of business is full of mobile, social media junkies with an appetite for anything digital that improves communication, takes us further away from face to face interactions and makes us look cool sitting at that local Starbucks.

Then why in the WORLD are people still selling the same way?

Do you think the business folks youre cold calling into tomorrow aren’t distracted by the same technology that’s distracting you this very moment? They are and they will be. How we interact, learn, buy and mature is different. You MUST change your sales approach.


80% of the buying process is over before a sales person gets contacted.

Think about that for a second. As digital natives, what do you do when youre looking to make a purchase. Studies have shown that you will most likely ask your social connections, ask Google and compare items online first and foremost.

If you’re a sales organization, you need the proper tools to build quality content, capture leads and have the intelligence to monitor the social media landscape. As a sales person, you need very similar tools, award winning follow up and a marketing mentality. As yourself, “how am I going to start building that two way relationship with my current or potential customer?” “What have I done today to increase the size of my ONLINE FISHING NET?” ”What comes up when you Google my company or actual name?” “Have I filled out my social media profiles fully?”

80 calls a day isnt going to cut it anymore.

In Brian Solis’ new book, ” The End of Business as Usual”, Brian mentions this:

“The rapid evolution of technology is completely transforming society and human behavior. Technology is changing us, and as it does, it can improve how we learn, share and communicate”

The next time you start focusing on a specific vertical to sell into, think of Brian’s quote. Utilize the awesome technology and social media platforms before us to start teaching, helping, sharing and communicating to your prospects as they start and finish their buying journey. Remember that your prospects are ALSO digital natives. Sell accordingly.

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