Having software leads from different industries does not always mean their demands will be drastically different. (Although, variety is the spice of life.) The differences are mainly on the surface and right underneath, a lot could actually remain the same. It is like the similarities between science-fiction and fantasy. The differences are only aesthetic but the similarities are hardwired into essence. Imagine if they represented two different software leads?

Under The Face Of Different Software Leads

Scm Software Leads, Lead GenerationSuppose your SCM tools were used to help keep tabs on items in virtual reality games. Your software leads are divided between games that are science-fiction and games that fall under the fantasy label. Your prospects are the shopkeepers in these games and want your tools to match the environment. Before you are overwhelmed though, you might want to check how your business software leads could be similar once you look past the environment:

  • Triggers – Suppose your manufacturing management software leads inform you that prospects want to access information at the push of a button or at the wave of some magic wand. Despite those differences, both still trigger the same thing. They activate the system and the system responds in the same way. Just because your software leads inform you on how prospects look different does not they really are different.
  • Functions – Is it really that big a deal if they want their data on a hologram or on a crystal ball? That would be no different than opening a Start Menu with a Star Trek or Renaissance theme. Your SCM software still delivers information on their actual supplies and the names of their suppliers. Again, do not be distracted when your software leads have non-core specifications.
  • Items – Another distraction could be the objects your software will be monitoring. Sure, your SCM software leads briefly mention your prospects as an in-game ‘rune weaponsmith’ or a ‘hyperdrive vendor’ but data is just data in the end. Both items still need to be accounted for. These software leads do not really have that different a set of demands outside the aesthetics.

Think what you want about the illustration but the concept really applies in the real world and in real businesses. There are details in your software leads that are purely aesthetic (like the labels born by supplies and suppliers) but really do not go beyond that. If your software lead generation campaign simply takes off those labels, you find that the demands and requirements are pretty much the same underneath.