independence from traditional call centerHappy Independence Day! On July 4th, most people are eating barbecue and lighting fireworks, but before the festivities begin, take the time to learn how your business can have even more freedoms by deploying a virtual call center.

The Freedom to Field Calls On Any Phone, Anywhere

Unlike the traditional on-premise call center, virtual call centers give you and your agents have the power to field business calls from any phone: home, mobile, office, even Skype. You have the freedom to log in to the virtual call center from anywhere too, so your agents can answer calls from their homes, on the road, even the airport.

Freedom From Expensive Equipment

A cloud-based virtual call center solution doesn’t just grant you independence from a fixed location; it also frees you from expensive installation of hardware and call center equipment. Just sign in on your laptop, desktop, or tablet; take a few minutes to configure your call center to your business’s needs, and you’re off.

Freedom to Integrate Your Systems

Be free to integrate your virtual call center with other applications such as Zendesk, or any other of your business’s applications. You’re not a prisoner: you run a business. Freedom is about making alliances when and where you want to suit your processes the best way possible.

Collect Data Freely

With helpful tools like call tracking and IVR, you can harvest all the data you need to make informed decisions on your marketing budget and business processes. Track the success of phone leads, pass helpful information along to agents to help them close the sale, develop fast outbound surveys to get customer feedback, and more.

Freedom to Speed

It’s July 4th—you’ve got hot dogs to eat. Don’t wait around for long delays on reporting, changes to your systems, etc. An instant virtual call center gives you real-time reporting and allows you to make on-the-spot changes to your menus, routing options, and more.

Declare your independence from the traditional on-premise call center. Ready to be free? Download the free white paper, Beyond the Cloud: The Next Generation of Virtual Call Centers now.