How Customer Success Helps Sales Secure New Business

​You’ve heard it all before, Customer Success is about retaining customers, which is at least as important as acquiring new ones. Yet, adding new logos to your book of business is always a priority for growth. This is especially true with early stage companies as they grow the little brand recognition and credibility they have.

When making the case for Customer Success, make sure you understand what Customer Success can actually bring to the Sales team and how it will power not only retention and expansion but also acquisition.

Offload Your Sales Team

Without Customer Success, a lot of the Sales staff’s time is dedicated to account management.

Companies without a Customer Success organization can go two ways: maintain Account Managers as points of contact post-sale, or delegate the relationship to Support. The former stems from a desire to build relationships, and the latter from the idea that interactions only happen when a problem is identified and needs to be fixed. In the first case, the company already has an understanding of customer-centricity but weighs down on the Sales team’s time and resources by tasking them with activities that aren’t related to acquisition. A Customer Success organization takes over these responsibilities and gives Sales more time to develop new territories.

Allow New Sales to Grow Your Book of Business

The main objective of Customer Success is to reduce the company’s churn rate. By reducing your churn rate, you’re actually allowing the Sales team to add their acquisitions to the company’s portfolio, as opposed to continuously filling the MRR hole caused by churn. The weight of new logos is greater when they build one on top of the other, as opposed to replacing each other.

Hire Acquisition Champions

By tasking them with deployment – and, ultimately, adoption – your company is expecting its Account Managers to work on totally different skillsets from one day to the other. Between Sales and Customer Success, hunting and farming each require different skills. By differentiating the two functions, companies are able to hire sales champions who have all the skills required to move deals through the funnel and close them.

Move Leads Through the Funnel More Efficiently

Customer Success provides your entire company with increased visibility into your customer base. Through their efforts to gather knowledge and understanding around how your customers use your product, they are identifying opportunities for case studies, interviews, and testimonials. By working with Marketing, Customer Success has the unique ability to deliver sales enablement material that will have a real impact on your sales funnel.

Close Deals With The Help of Your Customer Advocates

The CS team is responsible for making customers successful, which, upon completion, provides you with a pool of customer advocates who would be happy to take reference calls with new prospects. There’s nothing as convincing as the word of a peer, which can be leveraged by Sales with the help of CSMs.

Use Customer Success as a Key Differentiator Against Your Competitors

The truth is, if your competitors haven’t boarded the Customer Success train yet – they will. In the meantime, you can beat them to it and use Customer Success Management as a differentiator when talking to prospects. If they’ve boarded it before you, they’ll use the same technique to convince leads to pick them over you. Finally, if Customer Success is already common in your industry, make sure your Customer Success organization shines throughout the sales process. Prospects like to know the product they’re buying comes with a human touch (Software-as-a-SERVICE).

Create Expansion Opportunities

Every new day comes with its load of expansion capital. Every opportunity the customer has to use a new product feature should be used to add value and drive adoption. By dedicating a department to ensuring that this happens, you’re investing in nurturing new “prospects” for future sales cycles. Customer Success secures renewals, but it also paves the way for upsells and cross-sells.