Why Creativity is Important For Your Sales Pitch

It’s often said that a good salesperson is a born seller. Usually, people think that the best salesperson is the one that’s the most extroverted, the one who has no problem starting an engaging conversation with a prospect. Sure, if you’re a smooth talker, it’s going to make you look more confident. It will definitely make your conversation easier and probably even help establish a sales relationship.

However; is being a smooth talker reflected in the effectiveness of your pitch? It’s the quality of what you say that matters, not always the quantity of people you talk to or how communicative you are. In other words, saying less concisely can often be more effective than saying more but without focus.

A good pitch is creative and out-of-the-box. The downside is, creativity is difficult to trigger when you’re pitching. That’s why good salespeople aren’t oftentimes born sellers. It’s something sales poeple have to grow into, but we can help to get you started on the right path.

Why the best pitch happens when you aren’t selling

The best pitches are the creative ones. The downside of this is that we’re often the most creative when we aren’t working. That means that oftentimes, your best pitch happens when it isn’t going to affect your business. Research uncovered that the parts of the human brain that are responsible for creativity start to kick in when frequently used parts of our brains are deactivated.

In other words, when you’re thinking about your product, your target or even about your next meeting, your brain struggles to fuel its creativity engine. When our brain is processing everyday business situations, it isn’t going to produce that crucial buzz. The most common situation when you’re going to have this creativity slump is when you have too much on your plate at the office, when you’re stressed, or when you’re thinking too hard.

Don’t fret, there are ways to tackle this. First of all, think of a good structure for your daily sales process. Think about what your inefficiencies are and how you can reduce (or better yet, eliminate) them. Maybe updating your CRM can be way more efficient, but you haven’t found out the perfect way to do this?

Maybe your process is well crafted, but you’re relying too much on external circumstances that force inefficiency and ultimately result in stress and loss of creativity. In sales, this is oftentimes the struggle between sales and marketing, which hurts the creativity (and productivity) of these two departments.

Sales efficiency is key to creativity

Having a more efficient way of working gives you more time to relax. Use that to get the creative parts of your brain kicking. The best way to manage this creativity is to make sure that you schedule some free time right before your sales meeting. Make sure that this time is focused on thinking something other than the sales, commision, or prestige.

Try to experiment with external factors. If you’re waiting in your car, maybe listen to some music that relaxes you. Maybe lay back and drink some Starbucks. Just remember to relax the right parts of your brain so that you’re engaged when you need to be.

Capture the moment

Since creativity isn’t a constant, make sure to capture it when it hits you. Have you ever been at home, suddenly finding the best way to solve a business problem, only to arrive at the office and completely forgot about it? That’s because at home, your brain allocates less energy to the “executive part”, which stimulates the more creative areas. That’s why it’s important to always capture creativity when it hits you. As a marketer, I like to grab my iPhone and use Evernote to write down my next content marketing ideas. In short, just write it down before that neural connection breaks.

If your company has invested in specific tools, make use of them. If your sales acceleration tool allows you to add comments, use the maximum potential of that feature. It’s very likely that marketing gave you a new corporate deck, but you only find out the true added value when you’re watching television at home. Whenever that creativity suddenly hits you, write it down immediately. You’re going to thank yourself the next day.

With this overview of how to manage your brain’s creativity, reap the benefits to create a killer sales pitch. Both you and your prospects will benefit from a better sales experience. To learn more, our Sales Experience Report provides additional insights.

The article originally appeared on the Showpad Blog.

Image source: www.gratisography.com