The field of sales is a win-win game. Somebody offers something, either an object or service and another person is persuaded to take the offerings. It is the job of the sales professional to make the case for a sale.

There are many ways this game can be played but it takes a special kind of professional to learn about their customer’s needs and to cater to them. “Consultative Selling” is a kind of sales strategy that works around a customer who is interested in doing business. Think of a Consultative Salesperson as a travel agent of sorts.

For instance: imagine that you are a professional in sales and you work for a company that wants you to get another company to enter a deal to purchase an entire warehouse full of Mongolian Karp fish steaks. Instead of focusing on the product, you are going to be customer focused, and try to cater to the other company’s needs.

Consultative Sales demand flexibility from you, the salesperson and not the client. With Consultative Selling there is more open dialogue with the interested company, asking them how best your Mongolian Karp fish steaks can better their needs and business.

There is nothing fishy about Consultative Selling, and today sales professionals rely on these kinds of strategies more often to close a deal. In the scenario suggested above, questions you ask the company might resemble personal inquiries about prospective buyer insight, complete product awareness and personalized cooperation strategies.

In short, with Consultative Selling, you “consult” with the other company and work with them to make the case to buy a warehouse full of fishy wares. If the other company sells burgers you help them imagine a line of fish burgers, if the company doesn’t want to buy your warehouse of fish than you find a way to turn your smelly products, if possible, into something that satisfies them.

Consultative Selling is just one strategy in the win-win game of sales. If you are interested in learning more, a book you might be interested to read is Consultative Selling: The Hanan Formula for High-Margin Sales at High Levelsby: Mack Hanan