Crazy as it sounds, associative thinking (also dubbed Magic Thinking) is something many marketers enjoy taking advantage of. This by no means is actually a bad thing. That’s the very basis of branding!

It’s really not much to get from this…

However, how can this knowledge help you generate more software leads? It’s in the term ‘associative.’ If you understand how, logical or not, people associate certain things, you can use that to lead them to your brand, your business, and eventually drive them as qualified leads.

St. Patrick’s day just happens to be one of the best examples of this. For some, it’s a religious holiday but for others, it’s a day folks celebrate all things Irish. Then again, why stop there? What are the many things associated with the Irish?

First, you have leprechauns but from leprechauns you then have folkore. It’s a well-known fact that the Irish played a critical role in preserving not just their own folklore but also that of Celtic, Scottish, Gaelic, and other European regions. But when you think of mixing up all those cultures, what do you get?

Fairies and dwarves. Knights and castles. Dragons and princesses.

That’s right. You’re looking at the major source of inspiration for everything from Lord of the Rings to World of Warcraft.

…to this.

Call it leaps in logic but that’s exactly how people think when they start looking at brands. Take Oracle for another example. Everyone recognizes the brand but at the same time, it still manages to tie itself with the concept of being an oracle for business, predicting trends and market behavior with its software tools.

You can say it’s a form of mapping out those leaps. Logic may not really have anything to do with it. People just end up associating one thing with another. The next question is, how can you map out a similar path for your business?

  • Have a beginning and an end – Where does the association begin and how can you make sure it ends at your business? Don’t just start from the beginning and don’t just back track from your brand. Do both!
  • Use the right cues to align – Just as you would put signs on the road, so should you put cues for your prospect’s mind to follow. When creating a logo or a slogan for instance, how can you explain the correlation in less than a few words or images?
  • Your actions must follow – Brands don’t just stick hard by themselves. You need an established record to maintain the association. Never neglect to deliver everything it represents because frankly, like all aspects of marketing, brands are just another way to make a promise.

It may seem counterintuitive to associative thinking when software companies are more about data and facts. However, the capacity for people to just associate things without a solid logical premise is a fact in of itself. If a fact like that can make it easier to gain prospect trust and attract promising software leads, then why not?