If you ask a room full of SDRs if they’ve experienced the “send me more info” blow-off, I guarantee everyone would raise their hand!

Training SDRs to overcome common sales objections is standard practice, but are you covering every scenario? Don’t let this standard push-back from prospects hold back your SDRs from being successful in booking qualified opportunities.

Here are some best practices to teach your SDRs that they can use to turn that “send me more information” push-back around and into a booked meeting.

1. Verify their email address

This may seem silly, but you’re never going to get a booked meeting if you don’t confirm the prospect’s email that you are sending the information to! Before you agree to send anything over, make sure you have the right email address for your prospect. It is as simple as asking, “before you let me go, what is the best email address for me to send you that information?”

2. Schedule a day and time to follow up

Some prospects are genuinely interested in what you have to say, but are simply just too busy and/or overwhelmed to commit to a next step with you. If committing to a demo or discovery call is too big of a next step for your prospect, it wouldn’t hurt to try a smaller step such as asking for a good day and time to follow up with them in the future. You can help guide the prospect by asking questions like, “what do your Tuesday afternoons look like?” or “would beginning of next week work?”

3. Send a calendar invite

After you and your prospect agree on a day and time to follow up, send over a calendar invite immediately to block off the time that was agreed on (5-10 minutes). This is not only a reminder for yourself, but also a friendly reminder to the prospect that they should be expecting your call.

4. Push for the call

Although some prospects are really just too busy to commit to a next step, sometimes scheduling a “follow up” is a blow-off in itself. Before you commit to the follow up call, try reasoning with the prospect in favor of a more detailed meeting. Oftentimes, sending a white paper or PDF can turn prospects off, or it goes to spam. What I like to say in this situation is, “I want to make the best use of your time. I can send you a white paper, but I think it would be more beneficial to have a high-level conversation so you can understand how we would work specifically with your company.”

5. Follow up to confirm that your prospect has received the information

If you do end up having to send over information to a prospect, keep them on the phone until they receive it. Sometimes emails with attached documents can get caught in spam filters, and yours could get lost. Ask your prospect if they received your email and are able to open it. This will also help ensure that your prospect actually downloads the content they requested.

6. CC your sales rep on the email

If the prospect would like more information, explain that you will copy your product specialist in the case that your prospect has any specific questions. Not only does this make you seem more credible and helpful, but also allows your closing rep to see what accounts you’re working.

7. Be persistent

If your prospect does not show up to the follow up meeting that was agreed upon and scheduled, or doesn’t respond to your follow up emails, keep trying to reach them. If they requested you send them information, it is most likely something on their radar. Don’t give up until you get a meeting booked with your closing sales rep or a definitive answer from the prospect!

The “send me more information” push-back often comes with a negative connotation, but by using the above tips, this push off can be transformed into a successful opportunity booked.