appointment setters

Getting the aid of third party appointment setting services does not ensure perfect results for your b2b marketing campaign. Appointment setters are people too; thus are not perfect beings. These representatives commit mistakes just like every other person on this planet. However, it is with the existence of these errors that we are able to find new ways to correct them.


  1. They believe interests lie on the price. Sometimes today’s appointment setters focus too much on the price of a certain product or service. They think that prospects automatically judge a prospect’s interest level upon sight or sound of a financial value. If this trait is what is focused upon by your b2b marketer, then they will quickly devalue your brand name.
  2. All they do is nothing but talk, without giving the prospect a chance in replying. Furthermore, this is not the right way to build urgency to your targeted audience. Non-stop talking will let the prospect know how well you know about the company’s product and services, BUT it will only lead to poor sales conversions.
  3. Use smoke and mirrors. Sadly, there is still a large population of b2b appointment setters that over exaggerate the features of what their offered products and services. This is all just to complete their quota and pass with flying colors towards their KPI (Key Performance Indicators).
  4. They do not take into account the aspect of customer satisfaction. Selling is not the only important aspect of marketing. Prospects want to know how their purchase will affect their business in a positive manner. They want to ensure that their needs will be addressed properly.
  5. Forgetting the benefits. There are appointment setters that pour on the features and completely forget about the benefits. Many people do not understand technical jargons. Hence, they might be left in the dark even if the purchase was made (which is highly unlikely if this has transpired).
  6. No confidence. Setting appointments is a marketing method that needs marketers to exude the right level of confidence. Not having the right mindset will result in fear setting in which ultimately brings ruin to the campaign.
  7. Getting right into the fray. Sometimes, marketing firms are in such dire need of brand new appointment setters that they automatically send them out into the front lines even without proper training. No matter how much they are pressed for time, they should at least brief them of what will transpire during the course of the campaign period. If this tragedy happens, think of it as going into war without any guns, ammunition, or any kind of weapon at all.
  8. Understanding the goals of the appointment setting campaign. Truth be told, b2b marketing can become quite repetitive. Appointment setters might feel lethargic over time and feel that there is no need to accomplish goals. In short, they may think that it is adequate to reach their quota without plans of exceeding expectations.

Even though such b2b appointment setters exist, do not fret as it is not the end of the world yet. There still exist a whole bunch of highly reliable business-to-business sales and marketing representatives that are more than capable in exceeding goals for an appointment setting campaign.

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