Cold Calling - Not As Cold As You Think

When a call center agent is in an outbound call center that specializes in cold calling leads and clients over the phone, chances are they already know what it feels like to be a telemarketer.

When they call someone, that person does not know what call they might expect that day and there are a lot of times that the agent is interrupting the person from doing something. Hence this is one of the reasons why cold calling is being thought of as a negative aspect to the lives of the people.

In retrospect, telemarketing is a very effective way to introduce yourself and the company that you are representing. This can get sales leads faster than most conventional methods and these leads can then lead to customers with the right tools.

How come cold calling receives a lot of negative feedback?

This is because it may not have been done properly. There are some agents who do not have a positive attitude towards their work and it would carry out to the phone call. The negative attitude would then carry out to the person receiving the call and a chain of events would occur causing the process of cold calling to be thought of in a negative fashion.

To remedy this, call center agents should have a positive outlook about their job descriptions. This is the first step into the proper completion and a possible qualified sales lead with each call that they make. Just like the saying goes, it’s always better to turn that frown upside down.

Another way to remedy the thought of cold calling negativity is that agents should not think of themselves as ordinary agents but they should think of themselves as experts in the line of products and services that they are representing. This would give a huge boost of confidence towards the agent, and the confidence will reach the person at the receiving end of the call. Once that kind of confidence would reach the possible lead, that person would know that the agent knows what they are talking about and he will be confident to know that he or she is talking to the right person.

Also, once the agent reaches that level of confidence, the cold call will then turn into a warm call, so to speak. This is because a person with confidence will always have a warm smile that is wrapped around their face and, believe it or not, will always be felt by the person listening to the agent all throughout the call.

Now with ‘warm’ call in the works, it is always important to remember that the agent must take charge of the call so they can control of the outcome of the call. To have a positive outcome, the outbound agent should always respect the views and opinions of the person that they are calling. Let them feel that the customer is always right. It is a known fact that for a person to receive the desired respect that he or she needs, they need to learn to give it first.

Once the call is done and the agent now has their fresh qualified sales lead, the next important thing to do is to follow up on that lead. This will make the prospect feel that they play an important role in the hands of the business organization the agent is representing.

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