As an office-dweller, I leave my social life next to the bag of bagels that currently sits next to the door. Society and employee etiquette consistently teaches us to distinguish our personal lives from our professional lives. But unlike the 38th parallel, this border is difficult to place, and often should not be existent. No, the Facebook pictures that you’re currently browsing through while we desperately search for your 3 o’clock pick-me-up should not be made public, but the kittens on your desktop wallpaper should. The world of sales is no longer represented by infomercials for state-of-the-art kitchen utensils and weight-loss formulas. Effective sales require more than a corporate talking-head; it demands personality…it demands kittens.

Consider replacing your current employees with kittens. Take one for America, do your company a favor and keep production domestic…ated.

They’re So Energetic

Stationary kittens do not exist. In fact, I’m surprised that the newest, revolutionary diet trends do not suggest buying a kitten (watch out, Jillian Michaels). Imagine the implications of an Armani-wearing kitten– fur trimmed, claws clipped, and tail fluffed—walking into a sales presentation with your brand on its paw. Your product aside, the personality of the kitten itself would melt the prospect’s heart into submission. In a sales presentation, take your personality with you through the door. Represent your company brand without becoming a puppet for your company. While it is important to pitch your solutions and display genuine passion in your brand, prospects expect to interact with a dynamic kitten human being– not a talking-head.

Kittens Are Hipsters

No two kittens are the same. No two sales presentations should be the same. Reject the mainstream and seek a unique angle. The same product serves two different purposes to two very different customers. Your prospect is seeking a unique solution to a unique problem.

And So Adorable

A company’s brand is not only shaped by the product. Your image is also an invention of attitude and appearance. The manner in which your employees present themselves in a presentation reflects upon your business as a whole and may contribute to the result of the sale just as much as the product that is being presented. While there is not a strict playbook by which to refer, the aesthetics of your presentation and your business wardrobe can be guided. Those furry little ears and those disproportionately large, pearly eyes…

When they’re not trying to fit into small boxes and playing on slides, kittens can teach us a thing or two about sales. A presentation is more than a sales pitch—it is an opportunity for you to captivate your prospect through personality, research, and dress such that they leave believing not only in your product, but also in you.